HS FPP question

I’m planning a trip over Christmas and am trying to strategize for the HS FPP changes. We are planning on a late arrival for one HS day. We plan to arrive around 3:00 and will have a tier 1 FPP scheduled at 3:00. If we were to book our tier 2 FPP at 1:00 and 2:00 would we then be able to book our fourth FPP after checking in at 3:00 at our tier 1 ride?

I am afraid I would wait until after Galaxy’s Edge opens to ask how it is working. I am unsure what changes they will implement to the system.


As @PrincipalTinker says, you have lots of time to wait and it’s still not clear how the SWGE rides will or will not fit in and whether there will be available day-of tier 1 FP’s. That said, I believe the general policy is that you have to be in the park during some portion of the FP window for it to count as expired.


In addition to the points above which I agree with, I think it is unlikely that over Christmas time there will be same day Tier 1 FP available at 3:00 pm. I suppose it is possible since there are so many unknowns about SW:GE’s effect on crowds, whether there will be paid FP by then, and what will be Tier 1 at that time, but I still think it’s unlikely.

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Can you elaborate on “you have to be in the park during some portion of the FP window”? If you book a 1pm FP, it expires at 2pm, regardless of where you are, regardless of whether you use it or not. I make “burner” FP early in the day all the time, if like this original poster I have the one I really want later in the day, but want to make sure I have the opportunity to do something else, or go to another park, after.

If you don’t arrive at the park until 2.15 in that scenario, then yes the FP has expired but often it won’t ‘clear’ to allow you to book a 4th FP. The system will make you modify the FP that you missed, thus preventing you from booking another tier 1.

It doesn’t always happen, but it does happen.

Realized I didn’t finish my thought! So, I make 2 burner FP earlier in the day, and then as soon as I tap in for my 3rd, I can book a 4th - I think that was the original question, I just hit send too fast :slight_smile:

I understood the question, but sometimes it doesn’t let you do that.