HS FPP Question: Same Day FPP

QQ about FPP at HS. I’m aligned with the notion of getting FPP’s for as early in the day as possible, and specifically not using one for F!. If we choose to only book two (one for Group A and one for Group B) the day of our visit, will we be eligible for another Group A once we use our first (pre-booked) Group A FPP?

We are scheduled for TSM and ST at 11 and 12 respectively the day of our arrival. I want to try to visit SWGE after those two rides (not sure if we’ll even be admitted to the land) and am hesitant to book another FPP before I know whether we can get in. But if I’m better off scheduling my third Group B FPP and just “tagging in” before visiting SWGE we can certainly do that.

Thanks in advance!

You have to use both of the Tier 2 FPP to get another Tier 1. Once you’ve booked and used the initial three FPs, there are no tier rules at all as you get them one at a time.

If there aren’t Tier 2 shows you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the show, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, this is glitchy. They don’t always delete after they time has passed.

Thank you. My strategy right now is that I’m holding off on booking any FPP I don’t actually want to use, but will look day-of for FPP that I can use relatively quickly for something we will do. I’d rather not waste an FPP, but I’m trying to allow for some variability in my plans – i.e., we want to do Jedi Training for my 5yo, but without knowing if/when that will be scheduled, I want to be able to swap my day around if needed. And I’m also not sure if we’ll actually get into SWGE “on demand” – so I don’t trust TP’s assumed wait time of 90 minutes.

Also: I know I can’t have two FPP’s for Star Tours booked in advance, but would I be able to book a second Star Tours FPP once I’ve used the first one, if available? If so, I may hold out for that alone… I expect we’ll be able to get into every other tier-2 FPP ride with virtually no waiting anyway.

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