HS FP+ same day availability check

Over the last week or so I’ve been checking what same day FP+ availability is like for Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers and Slinky Dog Dash, and I thought I’d present my findings here in case it’s useful to someone else.

First of all, all FP+ searches were for a party of 3. I searched 3 times a day, around 08:30, 09:30 and 11:00 Eastern time, and spent around 15 minutes refreshing availability each time. It’s worth bearing in mind that Studios currently open at 08:00 every day, with EMH between 07:00 and 08:00.

So, on to the findings. First of all, TSM. This was easy to get a Fastpass for every time I searched, with availability ranging from pretty much immediately to late evening. This is good news for us, since I haven’t booked any Fastpasses for this - instead we’re planning to rope drop it on one of our Studios days. If that doesn’t work out I’m confident we can score it as a 4th without too much effort. ASS proved harder, with few Fastpasses showing up in the search. Interestingly, most of the available ones were for in the morning, usually within two hours of the search. So, it looks like scoring it on the day is a possibility, but not one I would like to rely on. Finally, SDD. I did get FPs for this a few times (not many) but it was almost impossible to get a “better” (i.e. earlier) ride time by refreshing. The initial time was what I was stuck with. I definitely wouldn’t count on getting this as a 4th FP with a party of 3 or more. Now, I might spend an evening in Studios on my own in September in which case I will definitely see if I can get just one for myself. I haven’t tested availability for single riders, but I’d expect that to be easier to get.

So, there you have it. A completely non-scientific test of Toy Story Land FP+ availability. Hope it can be of use to someone. :slight_smile:


Excellent. There are three of us heading there next week, so this is extremely helpful!

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Thank you! I’ve been looking at the TP app fastpass availability. We’re going at the begging of October on a CL 8 day.

I’d just decided to swap my FP plan from TSMM to SDD. The touring plans estimated times haven’t caught up yet, so this is super helpful!

I got a same day FPP for TSMM after two sessions of trying on Day 2 of TSL. I got AS2 after a 35 min queue in SB.

I’ve never seen an SDD FPP apart from the one I found about 45 days out.

The good news is for TSMM, even without a FP+ the lines weren’t that bad last week, even though it was only a few days after the opening of Toy Story Land. The wait for SDD wasn’t bad during EMH either.

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Good info and thanks for sharing, but we do need a better abbreviation than ASS for Alien Swirling Sucers

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I think that people have been calling it AS2. Because there are some sites that will flag ASS :slight_smile: