HS FP+ question

I am so excited about our upcoming trip next week. My DD and I will be at HS on 4/5 for the afternoon. We currently have a FP for Toy Story at 3:40p and for Tower at 5:05p. I am not getting a 3rd FP. On the park day will I need to wait until I use the Tower FP before I can try to get one for RNRC or could I get one after I use the Toy Story FP? What are your thoughts? We would really like to FP RNRC at least once if at all possible.

I think you’ll need to use all 3 original FPs first, so I suggest you make a throw-away one for earlier in the day. That way it can expire before you even start. You can try for a 4th FP, from either tier, right after you check in for the 3rd one. Once you tap in for TOT, you can start looking for the new one while you’re walking to the elevators.

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@SallyEppcot is right - you can’t get another tier 1 FP until you’ve used all 3.

If your tier 2 FPs are before your tier 1, they will expire even if you don’t use them, but I never understand why you wouldn’t just use a third - presumably people are doing other rides, not just walking round waiting for their tier 1 time to arrive.

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Sounds like a good plan!


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