HS for non-SWGE stuff this fall

I’m sure this has been discussed in one of the massive SWGE threads, but was wondering what the general thoughts are on wait times in HS for non-SW stuff after SWGE opens? I believe the Touringplans podcast said they predict other wait times to increase by about 20-25%. Anyone go to AK right after Pandora opened? We have an October trip planned and had hoped to do HS (we don’t care about SW).

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I think until Disney officially announces HOW they plan to manage crowds for SWGE at WDW, it is hard to predict how it might effect wait times for everything else. Some scenarios might have it not impacting wait times at all. Others might have large increases.

I’ve noticed, however, that Disney’s delay of MMRR, as well as the phased opening of SWGE with Rise of the Risistance coming on line later might help to think crowds out much more. In fact, I suspect Disney PURPOSELY delayed MMRR in order to ease crowds.


That makes perfect sense. Why open everything all at the same time. No benefit to Disney. If you open one ride first (like they are doing) the hardcore fans will show up on day 1 to see it, but some of the more casual visitors will wait. Then, when they open the next ride, the hardcore fans will come back again, and some of the casual visitors will still wait. Once they open the 3rd attraction, the hardcore fans will come out again, and all the casual visitors who haven’t already come out will finally attend. Spread out the crowds = less staffing and headaches. Plus, multiple openings means more total visits from hardcore fans = more revenue. Even if they have APs, they’ll probably buy something while they are there.

I don’t know the order of what will be open when, but I would not be surprised to see Tron, GotG, etc that are expected in time for the 50th anniversary to be spread out several months apart as well.

Plus, bonus, they get to keep putting out press releases for cool new stuff opening instead of just one big announcement.

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I want to follow this thread too. We are planning Oct/Nov this year and my son loves HS but until we know how SWGE crowds are we are planning on avoiding that area and focusing on TSL instead.
I’m curious to know if they will continue with EMM ticketed mornings in TSL as that is something we would still totally do to get our HS fix and then just leave as rope drop brings SWGE crowds.

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We are visiting Sept 2-7. I am no so patiently waiting on Disney to release the updates to the schedule. Meantime I am booking my ADRs and planning my park days. I will make FPP in July, hopefully the new schedules will be released but I am sure they will wait until August to release them.

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Since HS was one of the parks we wanted to focus on for this next trip, we may move our visit up to July.

I have been OCD about checking the MDE for the possibility of a EMM or DAH during my stay. How did I miss the Sept 3 EMM at Fantasyland? I am feeling a little bummed, but that just means I can sleep in that morning. I am hoping for a HS DAH, I will have to step up my obsessing check on Park Hours for September.

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