HS fireworks?

Does anyone know when the fireworks that are supposed to happen nightly at HS happen? Is it closing time no matter what time that is?

The studios close at 7 in my date and that just seems a bit early. Even for Febuary.


Ok… So I saw in another thread that @momatwork discovered the show will run at 8… So what is happening between 7 and 8… Fantasmic?

I wonder how finding a spot will go for those who skip Fantasmic…,

I just checked out disneyworld.com for my trip dates (jan 3rd - 9th) and the schedule is up. Fantasmic at 7:00 and Symphony in the Stars at 8:00, with closing at 8:00. wondering if the fireworks and music can be seen just outside the gates or do you really need to be inside the park for the full affect?

I was on the walkway to the Boardwalk, just by the bus lot and had a great view. The only downside is that you couldn’t really hear the soundtrack.

Here is my video from my location, I’m sure you can find others from inside the park and see what your personal preference is!


That is an amazing view for the fireworks. Shame they don’t have some speakers to pipe in the music or it would be perfect. Thanks for the video. Gives me a great option if inside the park is too crazy.