HS fastpasses

So the stuff I read on TP blog says always get FPP for TSMM. But I see many of you recommend RnRC instead. We would ultimately like to do both and will need to use rider swap for RnRC since we have littles with us. Thoughts?

We have never gotten a FP for TSMM. But we have always been at the front of the line for rope drop. Then head straight for TSMM. (Walk right on) Then we use our FP for RnRC. That way the little ones wont have to wait as long. And the rider swap is a bonus.

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Considering how little attractions ate keft in HS get the fpp for rnrc. The lines have been heavy for it. One track.

Tsmm has 3 tracks now. Better to rope drop it. Then after you have rope dropped it done all of tour other fpp get 4th fpp fir tsmm


I agree with the others. RnRC usually has waits of 60-90 minutes. TSMM is usually less than 30 minutes since the 3rd track opened, and has been easy to pick up as a 4th FP too.

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