HS Fastpass Selection Help (JTA)

My Fastpass day is in 2 days! YIKES!

I am looking for some suggestions/feedback on Fastpass times. I want to Fastpass Toy Story and Frozen Sing Along. I also am wanting to sign my two boys up for JTA…but I don’t know what show I will get.

We have an ADR at 8:45 for Hollywood and Vine (park opening at 9am…crowd level 9). I assume that we will be let into the park plenty early due to the ADR and hopefully can sign up before breakfast. We are hoping they will let us in the park at 8. I figure that breakfast will take us until 9:45 (I’m hoping that we will be able to be seated early…hopefully by 8:30…??)

What times should I plan my Fastpass for Toy Story and Frozen so that we can also do the JTA?

If you are signing up before breakfast you will have lots of good choices for JTA. Choose something that fits with your schedule. You don’t really need a FP for the Frozen sign along. Just be there 30 minutes prior and you will have a good seat. Allow yourself 90 minutes for Hollywood & Vine to see all the characters. I would book TSMM for 10 am. If you are done breakfast early take advantage of shorter wait times elsewhere or see a show.

I agree w/ @Marycap - I think if you’re at the park a little before your reservation they may let you sign up for JTA early. I’ve heard of this happening.

This was what happened on the past Tuesday when we were at DHS. We had 8:30am ADR at H&V. Got there 7:40am. CM opened the gate at 7:50am for everyone with early ADR. I then changed my ADR to 8:10am since there was availability. We went to sign up for JTA before checking in at H&V. We were the second or third family at sign up. Sign up took 2 minutes. Went back to H&V and got a table 5 minutes later. Took our time in the restaurant and headed out H&V around 9. We signed up for the first show. My first FP+ was 11:10am Toy Story Maniac. So we went to the launch bay first. Headed back to JTA at 9:40am. Show finished around 10:30am. Went over to Star Tour which had 10 min at standby. After Star Tour we went to Toy Story Maniac and continued with the rest of my FP+

Just a reminder: those without early ADR were let in at 8:30am to sign up for JTA. So you need to be there early if you need a specific show time.

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Do you happen to recall what CL was that day (and if they do it any day or just high CL days)? We are hoping to do this, get in early to sign up for JTA and then just wait for RD. We have a breakfast ADR that day at H&V but it’s at 10:00. We’d ideally like to get signup out of the way and RD TSMM before breakfast.

CL was 9 according to TP. At 8:30, the mob that ran across H&V to JTA sign up was about 30-40 ppl or so (so about 10-15 family). It was a bit rainy that morning so I don’t know if the rain had any effect on the crowd. Also keep checking for earlier ADR. there is always some cancellation…

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I had also thought a lot about this and I ended up spacing out our FPs to be sure there were plenty of JTA shows that we could possibly make. I also made our TS FP for early in the day (~10am) since that was the one that would be impossible to change, and figuring that the earlier JTA shows would fill up first. In the end I had no problem, got our 1st choice JTA time (mid-day), and didn’t need to change any FPs.