HS/Fantasmic Strategy

I would like to ride Toy Story Mania and see Fantasmic but they are both Group A FP+ attractions. Is it reasonable to burn the FP+'s by 4 pm and then get one for Fantasmic (which is my priority)? It’s a crowd level 6 for the day and the TP data says FP+ for Fantasmic should still be available but I was hoping you smart folks could give additional input/ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Definitely possible, but if you show up 45 min early you should be fine getting in F! SB.

Another option would be booking the Fantasmic dining package at Mama Melrose, Hollywood and Vine, or Hollywood Brown Derby.

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We booked mama melrosa’s Fantasmic dining package and found it well worth it. We had to eat at some point so made sense to couple it with a “free” FP. Enjoyed the food and then had central seats for the show without a huge wait.

I also did F! package at Mama Melrose and found it to quite enjoyable.