HS evening EMH touring plan?

We have never done a EMH, and wonder if there is an evening EMH touring plan? Better to skip EMH or do it?



Totally depends on the situation. I might hop to it especially if other less crowded parks close earlier and I want to continue my evening (perhaps w a little Osborn Lights in the case of DHS) or I might make a day of it if the crowds at the pm EMH park aren’t bad (more rare than not I know). You can easily make your own evening EMH plan. Just be wise to what is/isn’t open in the evening.

We are doing HS evening EMH for the first time this trip. I am making two plans since I have found conflicting lists of what will be open.
Someone on here told me afternoons in HS when there is evening EMH can be very crowded. Not sure if that is true. We will be at MK from roughly 9-1 then will get to HS around 2:30. I booked our FPs for that day for HS for 2:10-3:10, 3:25-4:25, 4:35-5:35 then we will head over for 6:30 F! After that we will enjoy EMH since the park closes at 7 that day.

According to Touring Plans, EMH tends to feel more crowded at HS because there are fewer attractions for folks to spread out to, relative to MK.
Generally with any PM EMH, the first part will be extra crowded, but the later it gets, the more it clears out.
Personally, I would make a personalized touring plan just to get a sense of what to expect.
Have fun!

Is there a HS EMH touring plan on this site? I couldn’t find one.


I would recommend making a personal EMH plan for evening hours. That’s what I did and lines all over 30min for the few things open so we will skip it.

I heard the same thing about it being more crowded early on so we plan to go eat dinner during the first hour of EMH and then enjoy a hopefully less crowded second hour.

@VanellopeVonDoom if we end up switching to an EMH evening day our plan is lounge for drinks/food after fantasmic (have lunch dining pkg), then Osborne, then a ride or two if lines low. Good plan. :slight_smile:

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Our plan is Fantasmic and then the HBD Lounge for dinner! :slight_smile: We won’t be there for Osborne lights unfortunately. But if lines aren’t long we will enjoy a few rides.

DHS certainly fells more crowded for evening EMH than the other parks because there are so few rides worth doing - it certainly is not as big a perk as EMH at MK. Personally I would do a plan to get a feel for what I could achieve

Agree with others, I have always found lines for TOT, RnRC, and TSMM at evening EMH at DHS to be very long despite the fact that I visit during ‘slow’ times in Jan/Feb. I have heard people say that this is because often huge crowds of people exit fantasmic just as EMH starts and then pile into the queues for these rides - sounds about right to me!

However I love the atmosphere in this park at night, and have had good luck riding Star tours with little or no wait and also seeing muppets and voyage of little mermaid with little/no wait.