Hs emm

I’m plugging along today trying to get these TP’s written out so that I can plan what FP’s to try for. The day we are planning to be in HS, they have added TSL EMM.

DS5 has her heart set on riding SDD, I was thinking of buying tickets for the EMM so that we could for sure ride SDD and use our FP’s for other things.
I have seen some reports lately of people that have purchased the TSL EMM and then SDD has been down. If this happens to us, and if we talked to customer service (very nicely) would it be likely that we could get a FP to use on SDD later in the day? I’m just trying to figure out how we can most likely ride SDD.

When sdd went down for the remainder of emm at about 8:10 am in early Nov, we were given 2 anytime fp for dhs. Some ppl on the same day reported they were also allowed to use their emm wristband to fp sdd for tbe remainder of the day. Others reported they were ALSO given a full refund of the emm price. I asked for half of the full price, and got it.

The fastpasses we got were given to us by a cm scanning our mb’s at the sdd entrance.

Some people reported they were given $ refunds at guest serv at the park. I got mine by emailing guest serv a few weeks after the event.

If rides go down, they were very accommodating, imo. I’m sure i would have gotten a full refund had i asked. I was very happy with half. We rode slinky 3×, tsmm 4x, and saucers a few times. We then bugged out at 8:45 and got on the 2nd run of rnr (waited for front) and also tot and st before breakfast. Breakfast was damn good, too. The shrimp and grits are way better than they need to be.

If emm is in your budget, and you want to do it, do it.


Thank you for the response, we booked EMM!

The plans here have the wait at RnR and ToT at 30 minutes each at 8:50 am following our EMM. Any thoughts on if that is an over-estimation?


I can’t see that happening.
If you’re waiting at the holding spot for the emm guests at say 8:40, you’ll be on one of the first RNR trains. I’m not sure how the TP model is using data for that projection, but there’s gotta be some reason. Perhaps previous years had early entry on the dates? I’m not saying I’m correct here, but I can’t see how you’d be in the park, AHEAD of the rope drop crowd by a few steps, and having a 30 minute wait.

I had a 9 yr old with me, so we very leisurely walked to RNR, from the holding area, and several ppl passed us up because they were kinda walking REALLY fast (they were jogging, and positioned themselves on the left sidewalk down the street) We still only waited one train to get on, only because we wanted the front row. We could have walked on if we wanted.

@memphismom, we did this a few weeks ago. My wife and son had done EMM, and my daughter and I had done breakfast with Doc McStuffins et al. So we were all inside the park early, but coming from different places.

From outside the breakfast, I had to cross a sea of humanity (with a stroller) to get to RnR. My wife and son were obviously coming from the TSL direction. I beat them to RnR by about 5 minutes and had to watch as people poured onto RnR while I waited for my son who wanted to ride. BUT (and here’s the good news) even with that delay, we had no more than a 10 min wait, including the fact that we breezed right through the pre-show part with the door left open.

Long story short, I would be stunned if your wait came anywhere close to 30 min for the first ride. When we finished RnR, I think the posted time on ToT was 20, but I’m not sure what the actual wait was.

I was thinking of doing this if the new Mickey and Minnie runaway train is up by then. I should be able to leave toy story land and be first in line before the rope drop crowds get there. Are yoy held in toy story land until rope drop ir can you just go get in line at the atraction of your choice. I am thinking I want to be in line be 8:40 to beat the Rope drop crowd.

That makes me feel much better! Thank you!

Thank you for replying. I was worried I would feel “stressed” about missing breakfast! Of course, my DH said “Its really ok if we miss breakfast.” and I am thinking “NO, way!”

Just looked and HS is a 10 on Memorial day!!