HS EMH vs AK crowd levels Dec.holidays

First trip in years to WDW . Staying at Hilton so have access to EMH. Have only 2 days: Sat Dec 19 and Mon Dec 21. Planning AK and HS. Plan RD arrival both days. Sat crowd level is 7 at both and Monday crowd levels at both is 9. Looked at lots of advice about avoiding park with EMH if not park hopping so decided on AK for Sat, not HS with EMH. Got FP+ res for AK and plugged into Touring Plan, though none of the generally recommended times for FP+ were available 30 days out. And now wondering if I made the right choice. Will make my FP+res for Mon early tomorrow morning. I am better off with EMH at HS on crowd level 7 day, now with less than 30 days to get FP+ or just take what I can get for for 30 day FP+ at HS on crowd level 9 day?

Hi! We’ll be at WDW on the same dates. Here’s something for you to factor in - Dec. 19 is the day after the new Star Wars movie opens to the public, and it’s the only WDW park with any Star Wars presence. In my opinion, I would expect that may have an impact on crowds at HS that might not be capable of being estimated by the crowd level system. We are avoiding HS on Dec. 19 and going the morning of Dec. 21, mostly for Star Wars stuff. I may be wrong in my prediction, but my sense is that Dec. 19 will be very crowded at HS.

We’re also planning to hit AK the morning of Dec. 19 (we’ll head to HS that evening for the Osborne lights dessert party).

Between the lights and Star Wars I think I would avoid HS on a Saturday if possible.