1st day in Parks is this Sunday when they reduce HS EMH back to an hour from 8-9. Have a 9:30 FP+ for KS at AK and then the rest of the day planned out at AK. Wondering if it’s worth it to do EMH at HS for just that hour and try to get in SDD,Saucers,TSM and then get over to AK for our FP+? Will be using the minnie van lyft service.


I would say it’s worth it! If you have any interest in it I’d also suggest to be there 30-60 mins before EMH opening and do MFSR followed by SDD, as those will have the longest waits at other times. TSM and ASwS will build lines, but nothing like the other two.

I have also managed to get same-day FPPs for SDD and TSM - you can’t get these for MFSR obviously, hence that’s the priority. If you don’t want to do MFSR for some reason, your plan of SDD, TSM, ASwS seems a good one, and you may even be able to fit in RnRC (probably not ToT as the end-to-end experience is fairly long).

Also - bear in mind your 9.30 FPP is good for arrivals from 09.25 to 10.45. If HS is quiet you may well be able to do most of the rides (there are only 7, with 3 of those in TSL) before heading over to AK.

Have fun!

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You definitely need to be at the park gate at least 30 minutes in advance. (I’d be there 45 mins - 1 hour early)

Also, Minnie Vans are the only way I’d recommend doing this. Otherwise, even in your own car, it still takes too long to make it logistically feasible.

Sorry for this tangent, but are Minnie Vans more efficient than regular Uber/Lyft? I’ve also got plans to do a very short DHS EMH morning and then hop (but in my case, to MK).

No worries.

Because the Minnie Vans are actually official Disney vehicles they are allowed to drop off and pick-up the closest to the main gates than any other vehicle. Often Uber / Lyft have to drop of in designated areas that aren’t always convenient.

At MK the Minnie Vans drop off directly next to the main entrance near the bus depot. Whereas, Uber / Lyft have to drop off at the TTC.

Of course you pay a high premium for this service, but if you are in a hurry it can really save precious time.

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