HS EMH & F! showtimes

If HS hours are extended until 11pm, would you expect Fantasmic to show twice in the evening? Right now it only lists the first 7pm show time. Going to Club Villain from 5-7pm and wondered if I could get over to F! in time and was hoping for a second show. Thanks!

Is this in December?

Yes week of dec4-10

Usually if it is open until 9:00 regular hours you would expect them to add a second show. Most likely they will wait until closer to December to finalize the schedule.

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Thanks! I assume we can FP the second show? Also one other semi-related question, can you leave by boat there at the F! Exit to Epcot and get an ECV on that boat?

The best seats are usually taken for the dining show (first show)- I do not know if you can FP the second-that is a hood question. Usually it is not a good FP but if there are no dining reserved tickets…

I have seen ECVs on the boats but I do not know if they limit them?

You are taking the boat from where to where and at what time? Will EP be open?

RIght, Epcot will close at 9pm that night so that won’t be the time to get over there. Also we won’t have dining package on Friday since we are doing the 5pm Club Villain. Just trying to think of ways we can do it all! Would be great if we can do F! after Club Villian so we can do JBJB on Wednesday which was the day we have the F! dining package so unfortunately wouldn’t be able to use the dining F!pass on Friday unless the Wednesday show was canceled for some reason. We would be done with our other FP’s during the day so we could load the second F! as a fourth FP if available.