HS early day or afternoon /evening if not doing ROTR

Hey everyone, I have one more question.

I originally had it in my head that we would go to HS for rope drop on our day there. I was thinking we’d try for a ROTR boarding pass, but really neither myself or husband are into Star Wars, and I’m wondering if it would freak my 4 year olds out anyways perhaps… so now thinking about it I’m not sure it’s a priority.

SO, I currently have our two tier 2 FP booked for the morning and a SDD for 620pm (we were lucky to get that time at 60+2). Originally we were thinking of rope dropping and then heading back to the hotel (CBR, so fairly quick and painless hopefully with the skyliner), and then heading back in the evening for our SDD FP and a couple other things. I was thinking in an ideal situation if they move park hours earlier I could move that SDD to early morning, but I’m now wondering if I should just move the other two later?

We have three youngish kids (4, 4, 7), and are doing 8 Disney days total, so we’re just planning on doing partial days each day (no rope drop to close). We want time for the kids to swim if the weathers warm enough for it, and/or to just chill.

Do you think we’d be better off just heading to the park mid afternoon and staying until close? It looks like wait times are much better then, but wondering if there’s a reason I should still do the morning?

I think you’re idea to move your agenda to the afternoon and evening makes total sense, and you’ll avoid the whole morning madness. TSL and GE look great at night, and Alien Saucers is a much more atmospheric ride when all the lights are on.
If your other days are all early starts, this can be your sleep in and recover day.
What does your day after HS look like; is it an early start (EMM, or PPO meal)? If so, that might give me pause to stay late at HS, but otherwise, later start at HS makes sense.
It should be easy to move your Tier 2’s around to accommodate.

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I agree with moving stuff later, especially with the ages of your kids.

Even if you are not into Star Wars the Rise of the Resistance is a unique experience. You can also rider swap it if kids don’t want to do it. We RD two days this last week with high crowd levels and were able to accomplish a lot early in the day. I posted a trip report detailing quite a bit of what we did and my kids are roughly the same age as yours.

Thank you so much everyone - I feel like I’m still undecided and keep going back and forth lol.

We are going to animal kingdom the next day, plan to rope drop, but just for navi, so don’t plan to go TOO early. For that reason I think staying at Hollywood studios until 8/830 would be ok since skyliner back to the resort should be relatively quick and we could have them in bed by 9 or so.

My thought now was if we have the opportunity to move SDD up because of a change in park hours, we may do that, do our three FPs and maybe try for a ROTR boarding pass (depending on time we get). I do agree with you that it seems like it would be a really cool experience regardless of if we’re into Star Wars (BUT because I’m not, if it didn’t happen/we decided against it I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed). If crowds are bad, I was thinking we could head back to the hotel for a swim or just relaxing time by noonish and then if everyone feels up to it go back for a couple hours in the evening. Hopefully I could work on getting a same day drop for one of the you story land rides, and the wait times look pretty good in the eve regardless!

After writing this all I think I will move SDD to the morning if I have the opportunity - and then if the day comes and we could use a sleep in day I can work on moving it back during the same day drops.

This is our first time so I really have no clue what our energy level is going to be/whether we’ll be pumped and ready to go in the morning, or be looking to take it easier in the morning … I guess time will tell :slightly_smiling_face: