HS Day - where would you eat? Not HBD

I could use some help with my HS plan. 30 October, so FPP are not yet available making all of this plan still not set in stone.

2:00 Beauty and the Beast
3:15 Indiana Jones
4:30 Frozen Sing Along
5:00 Toy Story Mania FPP
6:00 RNRC
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Dinner
9:00 Fantasmic FPP (questionable!)
10:00 HS Closes

I’d like to keep our budget around $20 per person, absolutely no more than $30. No buffets and No Hollywood Brown Derby :frowning: Where would you eat?

We’ve been to Mama Melrose’s at least 2x. I currently have ADR for ABC Commissary but the menu does not suit my very picky DD. Chicken tenders, pizza, tacos, chicken noodle soup, Repeat.

We are planning to head over to Boardwalk on our HS day and eat at Trattoria al Forno. Still Italian food but a change of venue from Mama Melrose that I have seen positive reviews for.

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Fantasmic has been moved to 9pm.
I will edit above post.

With F! Being that late I may need to skip it… we’re trying to make it to Epcot EMH at 8am the following day… that definitely opens my options.

Sci-Fi! It’s very inexpensive- not much more than QS and great atmosphere. Set a res finder.


If I’m not eating at HBD, 50s is my go-to. You are going to hard-pressed to find a TS in DHS where you can eat for under $20/person (adult). Most “entrees” are between $20 and $30, so you might be able to make it close to your $30 limit (as long as you have only an entrée and no alcohol). Many people say the portions are big enough to share (although I’m a pretty big eater so it probably wouldn’t work for me), so that might be one way to cut the costs. I can’t really comment on the QSs as I pretty much avoid them except for a pastry for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

I’d agree about Sci-Fi, it sometimes gets a bad rap but we like it.


We like SciFi too and my DS thinks it is a must do now every trip (we avoided it for a long time). The burgers are around $19 and really tasty IMO.
Another good option would be 50s Prime Time. The serving sizes are large and could easily be shared.


My plan was to eat at MM for dinner on my HS day but I think Ill change to SciFi. Yall make it sound yummy. Ive always overlooked this place bc weve always eat burgers at other QS. But next trip were not. Thanks yall.

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The burgers are much better than QS burgers. And the shakes are tasty (they have an alcoholic Oreo one that is delicious).


I second this!!


Ok, its decided😁


Rumor has it that nearly any table service restaurant at Disney can serve chicken nuggets, even if they’re not on the menu. I haven’t tested it.

Ive heard this too, also about a kids cheese pizza. I dont eat either but it would be interesting to see if Disney has a “secret menu”…

DH has requested HBD. And DD8 has requested Fantasmic. So it’s settled. Guess now I should reconsider AM EMH Epcot the following day.

HBD is so yummy!

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