HS day on 12/6

Wasn’t able to get any SDD FP this morning, anyone thinking that Toy Story may be less busy since Star Wars has new things opening? Anyone have experience being there when new areas/attractions open and how it affects the other areas of the park?

Take a look at this blog about opening at HS earlier this week.


It looks like SDD is still very popular in the morning but doable if you arrive early.

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Obviously, the majority of the crowds in DHS that week will be rushing to SWGE. However, all of that is going to overflow into the other areas as the day goes on.

I’m a big fan of easywdw! They do real “boots on the ground” blogs.

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I think the majority of the crowds is split 50/50 between TSL and SWGE right now. It is likely in your best interest to put off TSL until after lunch.

That said, RotR is the big unknown right now in terms of what it will do to crowds.