HS Crowd level question

Looking at the levels in Hollywood Studios from May 26th through June 8th, there are many 9 & 10 levels -any idea why? The 2 to 3 weeks after this time leading up to Toy Story land opening are less with 6 & 7 levels for the most part. Will they simply change to higher levels too in the next couple of weeks?

Many schools are dismissed the last week of May plus there is a holiday weekend in there.

I was assuming that people who have the flexibility can/will postpone a trip by 2-3 weeks to after June 30 to experience the brand new Toy Story Land. The lower crowds are those of us who for whatever reason can’t just postpone or delay our trips.


I understand the holiday with a 2 or 3 day peak, but it isn’t 10 levels in the other parks and school is still out the weeks after leading up to TS opening with 6 & 7 levels, so this doesn’t make perfect sense to me. And if anything, more people would be pushing/changing their trips so they could visit when TS opens.

May 25-28 is Memorial Day weekend, and immediately after that is Gay Days. There must be some historical reason as to why HS studios is more effected by these two events that increase attendance than the other parks.

Thanks for your thoughts. I looked at historical data (last years was a little more crowded, but no difference in previous years) and Gay Days are 4 specific days, with one at each park, so I could understand one of each of those days being a little more crowded than the other 3 parks, but the predicted crowd levels don’t support that reality. I know its not a big deal, but our family will be down there during this time and I have obsessed using this site and HS is the only park where the crowd level predictions are much higher during our 6 day stay which just seems odd since Toy Story Land won’t be open. But I guess those levels are that way because of the lack of ride choices at HS and no fast passes available for Toy Story Mania making the waits longer (there, you all helped me figure it out on my own - thanks)

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And since the CLs are based on wait times, the reduced capacity at TSMM is likely increasing the CL. Makes sense.

And I guess the CL is decreasing in mid June because a prediction is being made that, the closer we get to the TSL opening, fewer people (particularly locals) will be visiting HS.