HS CL dropped to 1

I just got an email from TP that the CL for HS on Sept 19 dropped from a 3 to a 1. What would cause this to drop? Can we rely on any CL estimates until after TSL opens? Any thoughts?

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I got same notification. Seems crazy to me.

I wondered if it is because there will be more to do so crowd will be more spread out and a lot will be in TSL so the rest of the park will see positive effect?


I would be suspicious of this. @len any explanation for this?

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Yes on Wednesday Dec 6 it went from CL4 to CL1. Can this be right? If it’s true I think I should switch around our park days. I was going to put HS toward the end of our trip to have better chance for TSL FP. But if CL is really a 1 wouldnit I be better off to go that day even if it is the first day of our trip?

This is exactly what I was thinking.

i thnk they have just adjusted the levels, so old CL1 just never exists anymore, what was a 3/4 is now being called a 1. it is just comparative to other days rather than an absolute number. I think they had too many days at a 9/10 so had to readjust every level

@claredyer has it right.

In the new CC numbers, the new crowd level β€˜1’ is probably a β€˜2’ or a β€˜3’ from a couple years ago. I’m not sure I’d change dates over that, though.

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Even taking that into consideration, it was very shocking to see such low levels in a park with a new land opening just a couple of months before.

Repeating the mantra: Trust the plan. Trust the plan. Trust the plan.


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I agree @OBNurseNH. I’m not firming up
Any plans til after TSL opens. But my FPP day is July 16, so I’ll have to make a decision by then.

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