HS Bump & Dump?

I’m concerned that I may not be able to make all of my ADRs for HS day, due to the unknowns brought on by ROTR. In the worst case scenario, is Bump & Dump still a viable strategy?

I don’t know from experience, but if you are referring to tapping in and then walking away at a show in HS to clear out a FP, I’ve read that it is still a viable strategy. If you do that, depending on when your other FP’s are scheduled, you may also be able to move up your later FP’s since you on longer have a 1 HR restrictive window that caused you to book the other FP’s later in the first place.

There is a great post somewhere about how to do this where they scheduled a a Tier 1 FP they don’t want to skip (#2 for the day) around 10:30 AM (9AM park opening), get 1st FP (first Tier 2) as early as possible, then 3rd FP (second Tier 2) sometime after 11:30, you ride/tap into 1st FP, then move 3rd FP up to something you will tap and leave at say 9:15-9:30 AM, then ride your 10:30 AM and then you can start working on 4th FP at say 10:45 and free to do more Tier 1’s for the rest of the day.

Only issue at say HS will be are there any shows that open at 9AM… not sure.

I think he was referring to getting around the 24 hour ADR (not FP) cancellation policy…that is to modify your reservation to 24 hours later, and then cancel it to avoid the fee.

I don’t know the answer, though.

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It still worked last week. I had a dinner res at Sci-fi that we weren’t going to be able to make because the kids were melting down after sticking around until 3pm waiting for our boarding group to get called—had initially planned to go back to hotel around noon and then return to HS for dinner. So, about two hours before the reservation time, I modified it and just pushed it out to 6 months because I did not want to search for availability sooner and then the next day I went back in and cancelled it.


Great! Thank you!

Modify ON A BROWSER though or you may get an error message that you have to call. I helped someone to modify within a few hours recently and had no issue on a browser. They did not have the option but to call when trying to modify via the app.


Good to know! Thank you!