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I just made my FPP for my trip in June. Disney said yesterday that you could start making FP for Toy Story Land 60 day out. So why when I try to make FP for TMM they don’t let you?

TSL opens June 30th. Are you sure you are visiting during that date?

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You can start making FPP for Toy Story land for visit dates that occur on or after June 30 - the opening date. So if you were looking for TSMM before June 30… still outta luck (at least for now).


I think I read that wrong the first time, but you are looking for a FP for the Toy Story ride before TSL opens right? We ran into the same thing and I am pretty sure I have read on here that the FP line for the ride is closed for now as it will be located in TSL which is not open - therefore there is no FP line available and we can only do stand by before 6/30. This is why you can’t find a TSMM FP.