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So we are leaving in 13 days!! Yayyy! I am trying to plan out our HS day. Which of the shows are not to be missed (besides F! because we are already planning to see this). We will have our DS2, DS5, DD10 and DD10…which of the shows should we watch? I’d love to see them all and although I’m sure it’s doable, I don’t think the kids would want to sit and watch show after show. I’m pretty sure we want to see Indiana Jones and Disney JR (my 2 and 5 YO will LOVE this), but if I could only choose one other show, which should it be?

If you’re already planning Indy (the only DHS show I try to see every trip), Dis Jr., and F!, then there are really only 3 to choose between: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and the Frozen Sing-along.

LM is the shortest of the 3, with the most showings per day, so it’s the easiest to fit into a tight touring day. It’s a cool blend of live action and puppets (kind of like Nemo light), but some people complain that the rather imposing Ursula puppet that is in it frightened their kids. I’ve seen this one the most because you can frequently walk by and get into the next show in 15 or 20 min (at least that’s been my experience).

BatB is the longest (30 min) and most involved of the three with a relatively large cast and several production numbers. It’s generally well done. It’s also shown the fewest number of times and you typically have to plan on getting to the theater (which is open air) at least 30 min before showtime. I’ve only done this a few times because you kind of have to plan your morning or afternoon around the show times.

Frozen is basically a group karaoke to movie clips, strung together by 2 “historians” that can be quite funny at times. I’m pretty much burned out on Frozen, and being in a large room with several hundred people belting out “Let it Go” each in their own key should be in one of the rings of Dante’s Inferno, so it was a one and done for me.

You can watch all 3 on YouTube, so that might help you decide which would be the best for your family.


Thank you so much! That was a very helpful explanation!

My two 4 year old granddaughters loved the frozen sing a long. To be honest we adults loved it too. Beauty and beast was also really good. My girls loved Disney jr. Our least favorite was little mermaid. If i could only choose two it would be frozen and Disney jr. Next would be beauty and beast


My family (DS12, DS10, DD6) did not go to Frozen so can’t comment on it but did see Beauty and the Beast and absolutely loved it! It was like a mini Broadway performance. I would highly recommend it. Timing was a little tricky to fit it in though. Everyone was wowed by Indiana Jones as well. I have also heard good things about the muppet show and would love to see it on our next trip. Little Mermaid was neat but I would choose Beaty and the Beast over it.

We enjoyed beauty an the beast.

it’s a shame they’ve stopped the orchestra that play th music to the films live. That was excellent as well. Maybe it will be back next year

The Frozen singalong and Beauty and the Beast are the best 2 shows at HS. I’d drop Indiana Jones personally.

Indiana jones though is a big part of the HS experience I think. I actually think they do it very well.

I would try and find time to do most of the shows tbh

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I quite enjoy it, I’m just not sure it’s the right choice for OP’s kids. They may love it though.

Im thinking it’s more Hollywood studios so to speak than beauty and the beast etc

Ie it’s what you would expect to see there. Ie a stunt show

We used to like watching the car stunt show as well

Not sure if that was in Paris or Orlando?

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It was Orlando. We hated it! They may have had it in Paris too, I don’t know. I do see what you’re saying about the theme, it really fits there.

With a 5 and 2 year old I completely agree with you!

It was originally in Paris. Orlando got it about 3 years later. Loved that one, glad it’s still in Paris!

Indy is my one “must-do” at DHS.

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I’ve never been to DLP, any time I price it up it doesn’t seem worth it. But I’ll be skipping that if I ever go!

Yes disneyland Paris is mega expensive

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I agree lol! For the price it’s never seemed worth it to us, would rather save up and go to Florida. But one of these days we probably will.

Thinking about it next year, as we have some DVC points to use up and although not a good use of them we know we can’t use them anywhere else.

Even then though, my DS has priced it for him and a couple friends, and it’s cheaper for them to stay in a room in one of the “good neighbour” hotels on a package than use the DVC points and stay on-site. And they’re still walkable, around 15 minutes.

Lights Motors Action was perhaps my least favorite WDW show of all times.