HS - Beauty and the Beast and For the first time in forever

Hi all
I’m trying to plan our day in HS with a 3 hour break starting at 11:45 - 2:45 where we go back to the hotel for lunch and a rest by the pool. When I use the touring plan it says that I would be able to do the 10:30 For the first time in forever, which is 25 min long, walk to Beauty and the Beast in 4 minutes getting there 1 minute before the start time for the show. This seems really tight to me, but the people at touringplans know better than me since I’ve never been. For those of you who have been to HS - is this possible? I could use a FP+ for Beauty and the Beast if need be. I can’t push our break much later b/c then we aren’t back in time to get to the Indiana Jones show at 3pm and we can’t do the 5pm show b/c of our ADRs for fantasmic (and I’ve already checked and there’s no availability). Let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much.

I have walked to the Beauty and Beast show with ten minutes before show, waiting in a line, to be the first to be told show was full. I had to wait until the next trip to the world to see this show. By then, it was a let down for me. Touring plans can update the crowd levels later after you think the minutes are planned OR they can be wrong by one crowd level and then, IMO with this same experience, you will miss the show.

Honestly we spend so much time sitting in shows at HS that we don’t need to take mid-day breaks. I will say that DD7 at the time once took over an hour nap in the booth at MM while we had a wonderful dinner. We took her’s to go and she ate at Fantasmic.

seems way too tight to me. I wouldn’t try it. Sometimes a human can interpret better than a computer plan :slight_smile:

It is tight, for sure, with no time for a bathroom break between shows. With the current location of the Frozen show, it’s possible that you could make it to Beauty and the Beast on time. You’d be sitting in the back of the theater, if that matters, but unless you’re going at a really busy time (President’s Weekend or near Easter would be the next two busy times), then it is at least physically possible. I guess it depends how quickly your group gets moving when a show ends, how fast they walk, and how upset they’d be if you arrived too late and just missed the show.

As a backup plan, could you start your break earlier if you miss the 11am Beauty and the Beast and return earlier to make a show before Indiana Jones in the afternoon?

Seems too tight to me. I have limited BatB experience, but I’ve never gotten there with less than 20 min before show time, and the theater has been half to two thirds full when I got there. You also have to take into account how long it will take you to get out of the first show when figuring “walking time”. Dealing with “realistic” exit and walking time, I’m guessing you’d be hard pressed to make it from the actual end of Frozen to the BatB theater in less than 10-15 min…

That being said, TP sometimes lists the start of a show 15 min before the “actual” start. I know this happened to me at Indy; I rushed to get there 20 min before the time that TP told me to be there, only to find that I was there 35 min prior to the start of the show - and the theater wasn’t even open yet. I don’t know if this is still done, or if it is done specifically for BatB or not (Indy is the only show that I see regularly at DHS).