HS area Hotels

I’m trying to find out what resorts are within walking distance of HS, if any. My DD 18 and I will be doing alot of resort exploring this trip and thought once we finished up our short day at HS we could go wandering somewhere not too far.

Boardwalk, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan, & Dolphin are 20-30 minute walk to HS, 10-20 to Epcot International Gateway.

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I think it also depends on your walking speed. It is a little less than a mile to BW? Why do I think it is 1.3 miles walking from HS to EP?

As someone who uses that path between mile markers 24 and 25 of the marathon every year, that seems to me to be about right… with a little margin of error.

The race runs from HS towards EP near the conclusion of the race. MM24 is along the path, right around the road bridge, before you come to the Boardwalk. MM25 is just before the France Pavilion, after entering WS at England. Last mile continues counter-clockwise around WS, to the center path to FW, up to SE, and then offstage and out to the finish line. MM26 is just offstage near SE.

Yes, so I can usually walk from BW to HS in about 15 minutes and YC/BC would add 1-2 minutes more maybe- since I will go a different route.

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Thank you ladies for the info. We will be having a big lunch at 50’s Primetime at 11:00 on one of our days and thought that once we finished up at HS we would like to explore a nearby resort and maybe hit up someplace for a late QS dinner or just maybe some dessert.

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