HS after hours

Has anyone done the HS after hours event recently? Like in April? All the reviews I can find are from when it first opened. Wondering if it’s worth it? Edited to add: we are looking to go June 14.

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FWIW, I’ll be doing DHS after park close this Monday, May 1st, focusing on Galaxy’s Edge after dark. I have a 9:55 PM Oga’s Cantina ADR after park close, lol


Tagging @Julianne_fki. She went last week.


We did it at the end of March. Had a really good time. It was worth it for us because we let the kids guide the night and it was really nice seeing them excited directing it all. We got quite a bit done and ate a lot of ice cream. It was nice to be able to do rides over and over again when they wanted to


A friend and I did it on April 19. It was awesome if you want rides! We were let in at 6:45 or so. It helped that the crowds were low.

We did ….
ABC Commissary
Rise x 2
MFSR x 2
SDD x 2
Popcorn, ice cream, water
TSM x 2
MMRR x 2
Ice cream on the way out.


I did it April 2. I was “meh” on it. But I think my experience is in the minority.

  1. It was spring break and the crowds were huge so I think it took longer than normal for the day crowds to get purged from the park. Also, MMRR was offline for a lot of the event. Because of these two things (I think) waits at headliners were VERY long throughout the first 60-90 minutes of the event. (e.g. SDD had waits in excess of 60 minutes until the last hour of the event).
  2. Because of #1, it was difficult to ride things more than once.
  3. We neglected the food offerings (we did take a few bottles of coke back to the hotel room) because we were focused on attractions.

To be clear, we did have fun. HS at night is awesome. And, at the end, we did ride SDD, ASS (3 times in a row); TSMM; MFSR, MMRR (it came back up right near the end); and ToT. We skipped RotR and we rode ST during the evening before the event.

That being said, I think that for people who are willing to rope drop, use G+/ILL, you could EASILY cover the entire park in just a few hours.

I admit that my experience seems to be outside the norm… but for the price… I might not do it again. At least not during a super busy time.


I haven’t done the after hours event but from a cost efficiency perspective I think you’re better stacking LL and potentially buying an ILL for rise. Two Sunday evenings ago we entered the park at 5:40 pm and got slinky, TSMM, MFSR, Rise, ToT, ASS, and MMRR all done before 9 plus dinner at docking bay 7 and plenty of time for photos. And we could have done more with 30 minutes of park time left. We did this without a ILL for Rise as it was a walkon at 8 pm but I think that’s unusual.

On another day we rope dropped (not super early, maybe at security 20 min before EE) and got slinky once and two rides on TSMM done before regular park open.