HS After Hours in the Spring

What do we think the likelihood of Hollywood Studios bringing After Hours events back is?

I planned on MK for my May 2020 trip, but the dates didn’t line up as expected. I’m considering AK, but if there is a chance for HS I want to hold out for that. Yet I’m afraid by doing so AK AH will sell out.

I know it’s impossible to know, but is there even a chance it’s coming back?

I asked this same question a month or so ago and no one responded to me either. Probably because no one knows or really could know at this point. But I will say that after reading on a another large blogging site, they seemed to be confident in its return next year but only after Disney is able to get past the swge full opening and analyze the data after the initial craziness is over.

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Crossing my fingers and keeping evening stuff flexible!