HS After Hours DAS

I noticed so far, June 21st (like today) still shows park close at 9pm and After Hours doesn’t start until 10pm.
Couple questions: do wait times still display during that time gap?
We have DAS and was told we would be able to use it during After Hours if needed, but if times don’t display, what are we supposed to do? Can usually handle 30-40 minutes waits if lucky, but worry a few rides may still have longer than that.

You shouldn’t need for the After Hours IMO. We waited for 20 minutes for MMRR at 8:37 but after that, everything was less than 20 minutes (and mostly walk ons outside of SDD). SDD was 20 minutes twice and 10 minutes at end of night. If you can use it, great but we loved the AH events short lines back in March.

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We absolutely used DAS for our After Hours in February - but it seems like we had a particularly horrible day. We used it for ROTR and SDD. I can’t remember when we grabbed the first one though…

Good to know, last After Hours experience was back in 2019. After reading reviews of 20 or less minutes for Space Mtn and others being walk on we decided to do it and ended up in a 60 minute wait at Space Mtn and 7 Dwarfs just as bad. Just want to have the option if they’ve increased ticket sales lately. Felt like I wasted my money last time because I had to skip what we had gone for.

Gotcha. Yeah, better to plan for worst case.

Wait times were shown all night on the app so you should be good I would imagine.

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