HS 30th-What does Disney do for anniversaries?

We might be at Hollywood Studios on May 1, which I heard is the 30th anniversary. What kind of things does Disney do for these days?

We happened to be at WDW for the MK45th. I stood in line for about an hour to get this shirt, a magic band and pins. The items were only sold in the Main Street Store and access was restricted to one door. The line was extremely well organized with cast members handing out laminated cards showing what merchandise was available and the purchase limits. Once inside you stayed in line, indicated your shirt sizes (there were special shirts for AP) and what other items you wanted. After I had my items, I was escorted to a register for payment.
We had not planned on being in the MK that morning so dropped in before hopping to EP. I did the line and my DH rode Space Mountain.

The only other thing I can share is that it felt very crowded on Main Street. Most of the people around me in the line seemed to be locals (with AP) who had just come to the park for the special souvenirs. From the comments I overheard, they weren’t staying for rides or anything else - just getting their souvenirs and heading back out of the park. Obviously my DH did not have a long wait time at SM as were both done in about an hour. :grin:

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Thank you! Interesting how long the wait was for anniversary merchandise!

I didn’t think the line was bad. I got in when the end was in front of Casey’s Corner. The whendown the sidewalk and around the corner to enter the store at the far end. The que never stopped moving and about halfway down they handed me the laminated list. By the time I got in the store and to the head of the line, I knew exactly what my choices would be. The thing that impressed me the most was the CMs with headsets who escorted you to a register for payment. The whole process felt just like queuing for a ride. Guess Disney has a little experience with that, right? :grinning:

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