HS--2 days how to split?

Hi Liners!

I’ve been following along with your advice and trying to lay down some plans before our trip mid-April (week before Easter). We’ve got 6 park days planned. It will be me, DH, DD10 and DS5 in the parks. 2 will be at MK, 2 with HS, and 1 each with Epcot and AK (I would love to do more Epcot but I don’t know if my kids would want a less “ride” oriented park).

We are staying offsite nearby and driving in each day so would not be eligible for the ILL, but we likely are going to purchase G+. I decided to do 2 days at HS so that we could do rides but at a more leisurely pace than trying to rush everything into one day, plus my brother and SIL will be around and NOT going to the parks on one of HS days, so I want to have time to visit with them too.

I’m trying to decide between spending a sleep in morning the first HS day and pool/family time, with park time in the afternoon/evening, or do HS morning, but get out of the park for good by the afternoon. My kids tend to be more nocturnal so there is that.

I’m also trying to decide if it makes sense to focus on a particular area for one day (like Star Wars) and then leave the rest of the park for the other, more full day? Is it possible to get most things done without killing ourselves in approximately 1.5 days? We probably would not ride ToT unless DD decides she wants to or RnRC (if that is the correct acronym). My Star Wars loving DS would really like to ride RoTR. At least in theory.

Thoughts for a general plan?

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I would arrive on the later end and stay till park close. Stack Genie+ reservations. Hit something with a long line that you wouldn’t be devastated if you missed (due to being down) for very last before park close.

I would split Star Wars + Star Tours + Muppets + Indiana Jones + MMRR for one day, and do ToT + RNRC + Toy Story + Beauty and the Beast, etc. for the other. You may be able to complete almost everything in one day and just do repeats and things you missed on the second day.

I assume your kids all meet height requirements or do you otherwise need rider swap? That’s the only thing that could slow you down.

@Jeff_AZ thanks for the help! Our kids meet all height requirements except I don’t think my son is big enough for RNRC and frankly, I don’t think anyone in our group will ride it, so that isn’t a big deal.


You are technically eligible but can not book until park open. Not sure if you actually have to tap in first or just have to wait until park open. They do sell out fast but you might catch a drop here and there. Worth checking into if purchasing ILL is something you would consider buying.
Stacking LLs for the evenings seems to work well for a lot of people. I would think you could accomplish a lot with a good plan. If RotR is a must and you can’t score an ILL, plan it for end of park ride. I like the idea of making GE your focus for your shorter park evening. If you are using G+, youu could potentially get a few more things done, maybe the 3 rides in TSL (or which ever you can get LLs for or short standby for) or throw in Muppets.

Thanks! That is helpful. I took @Jeff_AZ’s advice and stayed up way to late (not on his advice but b/c it was quiet and I was trying to figure out how to tackle and plan) and came up with something that I think will work for a more focused GE evening as you said, and then used my other day for a more leisurely TSL and show day. Thinking depending on LL availability as well if I can score an ILL for RoTR:

~3 pm park arrival

Indiana Jones
Star Tours
Ice Cream/treat on way out

If we can get those done day 1 then day 2 is (provided we get a LL for SDD):
9 am arrival:
ToT (this is a hard maybe)
TS Mania
Food/Rest stop (Woodys?)
Racing Academy
RnRC (hard maybe probably not though)
Beauty and the Beast
Pixar Pals Motorcade
Mickey and Friends (maybe–ironically my son does not like Mickey)
Frozen Sing along (might be hard to get my son in this one too)

Idea is not to stay until park closes on day 2, but to putz around a bit and go home for dinner. I’d consider going home midday for an extended break and coming back after dinner as an alternative.


This should work out. Just make sure to be on the app at 7:00am to get your ILL and first LL selection.

Off-site just has to wait until park opens to book their ILLs. No need - at WDW - to tap in, unlike DL.

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