HS 1 or 2 day with littles?

Back at it again. Our quick return trip to WDW in Oct (just went in April) has turned into a longer visit in Feb 19 :slight_smile:
We have skipped HS in the past b/c it didn’t offer a lot for the kids and we didn’t want the whole day to be rider swaps etc. DD8 and DS will be 5

Trying to decide if I want to use our resort day (since no waterpark in Feb) and go to HS for a second day. I’m inclined to keep it resort day but others are telling me the park takes a while to go through and now with TSL it will be worse. TSL is our main attraction. We’ll do the shows etc. Star Wars is a draw for us but not the kids so we wont invest a lot of time into that. What do the liners think? With a good TP padded with some time to stop and relax and take it all in, is one day enough for HS? (Already doing 2 days in Epcot and MK and 1 day in AK)

One day is enough for HS, especially with young kids, definitely. Until TSL opened, I would have called it a half-day park. But with TSL, it’ll maybe take longer. Although, if you skip ToT and RNRC, then you are probably back to a half day park.

We’d probably do HS early, and then hit Disney Springs in the evening.

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Since we are not Star Wars people and have littles (so no ToT or RnRC), we are planning on HS as a 3-hour park after naptime. SDD, TSM, eat at Woody’s, Beauty and Beast, Meet Olaf, and Fantasmic! Boom.

Great, that’s what I was hoping for :slight_smile: ToT is definitely a skip and RNRC we’ll see. DD8 is dying to go on it so she can conquer all of the rollercoasters. My little speed fiend, but I’ve heard it’s pretty jerky.

After replying to @ryan1 I was thinking if I can get later FPP I may do a late arrival to HS like you. That way we can hit broadway or GF for a character breakfast!

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Is she tall enough? 48". Can go either way at 8.

Yes! We are doing RD at MK that day (a MNSSHP day and low projected crowds before the party), then nap and hit HS for evening stuff using 3 FPP.

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She’s tall enough, she’s 49" now. She loved EE and has done all the mountains. She can’t wait for the Tron rollercoaster. I say no to ToT because she gets scared of the haunted house. Loves speed and turns, but nothing “scary” May let DH riderswap with her and if she gets scared they can make a beeline off the ride :slight_smile:

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ToT isn’t scary. You should let her! :slight_smile:

ETA: If you are concerned, watch the Disney “Tower of Terror” movie. It gives a good introduction and provides more meaning to the ride. Sure, the movie came out after the ride and all, but they did a good job making the two complement each other.

Actually I’m grateful for this discussion because I am reconsidering ToT now that I see my kids are tall enough to ride it!

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I agree that you probably don’t need 2 days at HS, you should be able to do what you want in one day depending on how long you plan to be there.
My one call out to this however is the shows & characters. Depending on what shows you actually want to see & if you want to see any of the characters it is hard to do them all in one day.
I did two days - but one was in the morning and we park hopped somewhere else later & the other one we took a long break after lunch and back for desert party & fantastic.
I don’t do RnR of ToT and it was before TSL
I love the Indy show, my BF loves the frozen sing along :), then there is beauty & the beast and if you like Star wars, there is the stage show & the march. I think all the shows are good for kids (except maybe Star wars if they are not into it)
Also - if you do characters - I have found except for the star wars ones, the lines tend to be shorter at HS.
I have always felt that it was only a “1/2 day” park, if you didn’t want to see any shows or characters.

I am the biggest wimp when it comes to anything even mildly scary, violent, or stressful/tense…and I love ToT as well as the Haunted Mansion. When my kids were younger we made a distinction between scary scary and funny scary to get them to try HM.

While ToT isn’t funny scary, I would not classify it as scary scary either. It is more slightly creepy than anything else.

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We’re in a similar boat with DS9, DS7, and DD5 as well as grandpa and grandma. We’re going to try to take one day and EMH RD TSL and then catch all the shows and end with RnRC and ToT for just me and my wife while the kids crash before Fantasmic! Someone pointed out that now with TSL opened, there are still only 6 rides in the whole park.

We did one day with 2 9 year olds and a 6 year old, but we did open to close that one day. We did the same when they were 8, 8, and 4. My kids love Star Wars and we have enjoyed taking it slow in that park. (Don’t think that will happen anymore with Star Wars).

Edited to add, that this was before TSL. However, I think we still would have been fine. We might have skipped one of the shows we had seen before or had one less ride or two of the many we took on Star Tours. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once the replacement for the Great Movie Ride opens, and Galaxy’s Edge opens, they will be up to 9! That’s like a 50% increase,

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If she liked EE I don’t think she’ll have any problems with RnRC. When my oldest was 7 we weren’t planning to have her go on it, but she won a fastpass for it from some of the Sunset Blvd characters and absolutely loved it. I would be careful about TOT. The ride part (the drops) is not scary at all, but the Twilight Zone intro stuff scared my youngest (almost 8 at the time) half to death. I feel a bit guilty about it but must admit that her expression on the face in the photos is kind of hilarious.

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That was my son with Dinosaur! lol When my daughter was 5 we took her on Haunted Mansion and she was okay during the ride. We got out and she yelled at us and told her it was inappropriate for a child :stuck_out_tongue: Peter Pan was walking by and told her that parents are horrible and never concerned with their kids :stuck_out_tongue:

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DS is now 9 but first rode both rides at 8 last year. He loves RnRRC (he is a daredevil when it comes to rides!). With TOT, we watched the video of it on YouTube first and while we were waiting in line, I actually pulled up a kids joke website and told him jokes to take his mind off it. We did this for the first few rides on it. Now, a year later, it’s one of his favorite rides and he has no issues with the ‘scare’ factor. I just needed to keep reminding him that it wasn’t real.

As for the original question, I would think one day would be plenty.