HRH - The Kitchen evening events questions

Can anyone tell me about the Kids Can Cook Too! event at The Kitchen restaurant at HRH? Do they have to be there at 5:00p? Does it last a full two hours? What is the cost?

Also wondering about the Wonderful World of Wine and Wine Down Wednesday events. What are they? Is it just special pricing on wines? Is it educational? Can kids attend with adults?

Any insight about these events would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Kids cook is just letting kids top their own pizza while you have your meal at the same time. There might be a desert to create ie decorate as well. Don’t know about the others but they all take place in the restaurant during dining hours so kids will be allowed. Wine down events can be fixed price with a certain number of drinks and some food included or fixed menu. Email the concierge they will have all the info you need. @Skubersky might know more

Kids can cook is a make-your-own pizza option. Read here:

Alcohol evenings are basically just discounts on select drinks, it isn’t really an educational tasting, though they occasionally do special (extra ticket) tasting events.

Thanks! I also did contact the HRH concierge and here is the response I received:

“Kids Can Cook Too are on Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm where kids can make their own pizzas and Thursdays from 5pm-7pm where the kids can make their own quesadillas with the Chefs. Now for the adults, we have what we call Re-Wine. It is $35 a person and is on Mondays and Wednesdays. You sample wine flights and whichever appeals to you, you may purchase the glass or the bottle.”

Not sure how many samples you get for $35, but sounds pretty steep for “samples.” :slight_smile: If we check it out, I will report back.

Ooh, re-wine sounds newish, let me know how it goes!