HR or CB resort

First time going to Universal and having a hard time deciding between these two options. Would love feedback. Hate the price tag for HR but LOVE how close it is to the parks. Recent knee surgery so I’m slower walking these days and need breaks more often. Love the price tag for CB and the idea of the small kitchenette area (we plan to eat breakfast & lunches in the room). The whole express pass doesn’t save money staying at HR so that really isn’t a factor. Just wondering if the high price is worth it to be so close to the parks.

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Yes, it is absolutely worth how close to the parks you are. We love the Hard Rock. We always eat breakfast in the room as well (or more realistically, as we are walking over to the parks) and have never needed more than a fridge and coffee maker. You will not regret staying there!

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So it really comes down to what you want. Yes HR is close and the boat ride makes it even more convenient. We stayed at Portafino - simply as it suited our taste (and I got a good deal) but also because it had QUEEN beds.

Room was HUGE. From my perspective I love to spend a bit more at a hotel where I can relax and detox from the day. For me that is worth it - not for everyone. We also try to economize and eat breakfast in the room. I run hot water through the coffee maker for oatmeal and the balance of the family has pop tarts or bread with peanut butter.

I LOVED staying at Portafino - we instantly relaxed when we got on the boat and it continued for the rest of the evening at the resort. I assume the HR is similar - although probably a bit more lively.

That is part of the problem everyone in the family wants something different. Thanks for the feedback, it helps.

HA. As the person financing it - I BREAK any ties!! HA (ok my wife does)


staying at Portofino for the first time the Christmas and chose it for the huge size rooms compared to others and Disney. Thanks for confirming the comfort of it.

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I hope you enjoy it.