How's this TP? (now with 82% more panic)

My FPP Day is fast approaching and I’m trying to make sure I have everything I want listed out so on the day of I’m not scrambling to stick anything anywhere. It’s just my husband and me, no kids, we’re fairly healthy (i.e., won’t need to walk slow or use a scooter or anything). We don’t plan to attend the Christmas party, and I’m thinking that if we end our TP around 4pm that will leave us time to meander back, at our leisure, to the bus and be gone by the time everyone gets kicked out. Thoughts on this from the pros?

Looks good to me. As long as you feel like you’re accomplishing everything you want with that plan, I think it’s a keeper.

Looks like a good plan to me. Good luck with your FPP and have fun!

The hubs and I will be in the MK that day as well. Hope to see you around!

Your plan has you getting two FP between 10 am - 11 am. The system will only allow you to book them an hour apart. You might try for 9:30 then 10:30. Also the stand by line for Peter Pan is charming. You might want to do that first and then use a fp for something else (perhaps Jungle Cruise as it’s wait times can really build up). Your visiting during a very slow time so it looks great. I’d recommend Under the Sea ride if you haven’t done it. It’s charming. Truth is with the low crowds you will have lots of great choices and will be able to add FP’s as you go. Do you just have 1 day at MK? Because I would choose Haunted Mansion over CoP.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! We have 2 days for MK, possibly 3 (we’re leaving our last day open without any planning so we can do whatever we want - and yes it is giving me horrible anxiety to not have a plan for our last day but who knows, maybe it will be the best day ever without my military-ish demand for strategies)

HM is actually showing as closed on the 1st! :frowning: otherwise it would totally be in my plan (our second day at MK will be the 6th and it’s should be open then…keep your fingers crossed because I will be very sad if it isn’t)

for some reason I think the tp has us utilizing the 15 min after grace period on PP, which is why the two FPP are so close together…I think I’ll take your advice though and go through the normal way, I’ve heard other people say the same thing (don’t use FPP because you miss the amazing queue). this is one ride not available at Disneyland so I want to be sure to experience as much of it as possible :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the help and suggestions!