How's the Polynesian construction progressing?

I know a lot has been made about the ongoing construction at the Polynesian. Disney’s website says that the construction is supposed to be finished in “early 2015” or “Spring 2015.” Can anyone who has been to the Polynesian recently comment on how the construction is coming along? Is the pool open yet? Will the Polynesian construction be done by June (when we’re planning on going)?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you go to Tikimans FB page there a plenty of pictures of the progress. They posted pictures of the main pool a couple of days ago and it is far from finished. I believe they mentioned they were targeting May?

I’m not sure if it was on Tikimans page or maybe from a podcast but I thought I heard that bungalows would start booking in April??? Anybody heard/read anything like that? So much construction going on I might have the locations confused! :disappointed:

I heard the same thing. I think points starting to be sold in January and bungalows available in April. Did they say 2000 a night?

Does anyone know if there will be additional construction starting after they finish the pool? Any idea if the resort will be “construction free” by this summer?

according to tikiman, after the main pool opens back up (which he believes is running a little behind schedule, originally targeted for April, he is thinking by may/early summer), the east or “quiet pool” will close and this area will undergo a big transformation which will not be complete until late 2015/early 2016. that is per whatever his sources are that seem to have been reliable in the past. so this resort will definitely not be construction free this summer. we have it booked for end of October which I am hoping works out. I will watch how things progress before I would consider changing resorts. my plan right now is to request to stay in figi or aotera, away from the east pool construction.