How's the No Smoking Going?

She’s a normo. They’re always jealous of the super stylish and comfortably warm.

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Years ago, back in the 80s, being a nerd was, well, nerdy. It meant you were socially awkward and would never be popular, probably looked kind of funny, etc. The way nerds dressed, particularly with the thick black frames, etc., was as good as wearing a “kick me” sign on your back.

Flash forward 30+ years, and those same nerds are donning the same attire and glasses and are suddenly cool. Those nerds are the guys and gals others want to marry, or wish they had married. They are the ones for whom the popular folks now work under.

So, I think that zippy pants are kind of like that. Worth all the ridicule in all the world…but don’t worry, because 30 years from now, all the COOL folks will be wearing them when they realized that it is cool to be pragmatic.


Yep. I remember those days. I also remember being the lone scifi fan, even worse, a Star Wars fan- it was not cool at all. Now I can wear my Rey or Leia costume and all the kids think I’m cool.

My entire family wears glasses, and zippy pants. Well, except DD24, but scratch the surface and she’s a total nerd. She even plays D & D. Shh, don’t tell anyone. :wink:


I have had surprisingly few offers of marriage while I’ve been at WDW. Or anywhere, actually.

I think people find my stylishness intimidating and assume I’m already married to a supermodel.


But I think my zippy pants ARE 30 years old. (Pleated, no less, is that the height of fashion or what?) I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for people to get a clue.

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Gotta disagree. What they need to do is enforce the rules they’ve set down. Harshly if necessary. If you are caught smoking, you get ousted. Don’t like it? Tough. You are not entitled to smoke just because you paid to be here or because you do it at home. You are not special because you are addicted. People are addicted to all sorts of things, would you be OK with someone shooting up because they’re at Disney? Of course not. People freak out if a woman is breast feeding in public in the parks but Smoking, which literally kills, is OK?

Sorry, I’m usually one who feels “live and let live” is the way to go, but when it comes to smoking I have a serious issue. Mainly because it’s not contained to just the person. I don’t want it anywhere around me and I should not be subjected to it because someone thinks they’re above the rules.

I know it’s a bit of an unpopular opinion, but why should I be “inconvenienced” and they shouldn’t? Which one of us chose to pick up smoking? Whose actions cause the air we breathe to literally become toxic?


If i think it’s going to be warm enough for shorts eventually, i just wear them and deal with a little cold in the morning.

Have you been to Florida in December?

If they get serious about it, the rule will become no tobacco products allowed in the park. Or maybe no matches or lighters.


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Good. I’m all for it.

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Not me. I want to be toasty warm. Plus, I really do take them everywhere so might as well use them.

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No, I was just reminiscing! They were handy to have in the UK where the weather changes every 5 minutes!

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I don’t disagree with you.

And it occurs to me that you’re not allowed to smoke on a flight. And flights can last way longer than the time you spend in a Disney park.


I agree with this wholeheartedly. If they don’t want to enforce the rule, they shouldn’t have made the rule.


Well, see. It is like flying cars. They are eternally just 30 years away. Same with cold fusion.

Yes, I just compared zippy pants to cold fusion. :wink:


They are both a miracle of modern technology. Thank goodness, one of them does exist in a usable form.

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I totally agree with this. Disney did this because they thought it was the “in thing” to do . They thought it would make them look progressive or something. But since they don’t enforce it, and probably don’t want to spend more money having to enforce it by making Cast Members take on the responsibility of confronting offenders (which is, in my mind, above their pay grade anyhow), they shouldn’t have made this change.

Go back to having smoking areas. I think it is in everyone’s best interest.

And while I don’t smoke, nor “approve” of smoking, I also recognize that we have smokers today due to a long history of smoking that was perfectly accepted and even glamorized for generations. While it no longer is, the types of culture habits and addictions will persist for quite some time. So, I can’t help but think that it isn’t THEIR FAULT that society has almost entirely turned on them, really. Of course, the harder it is on them the more likely they will want to quit. But wanting to and succeeding at it are two different things entirely. I have bad habits I’d like to quit myself. Still hasn’t happened! :wink:


Maybe fair for those 50+ years old. I am 40 and have been taught about the dangers/addiction of smoking for 30 years. Anyone my age who smokes did so by choice while being perfectly aware of the danger.

Still doesn’t mean I or my family should be forced to live with their addiction. I think Disney will take a strong stance on this and choose the vast majority of people who do not smoke rather than pandering to a small segment who do.

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True. But that one won’t be fashionable for 30 years. :wink:

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