How's my MK TP?

I was hoping to get some feedback on my MK TP for our first day in the parks (Nov 8):
We’ll be there be there for EMH 8-9am and the park closes at 6pm for MVMCP. The TP is geared towards my soon to be 4 yr old son (who is under 40"). I set walking speed to very relaxed, hoping that would be enough cushion for bathroom breaks, pictures, etc.

MK won’t open until 7.45 and you will probably have to queue for a photographer. You might be done by 8.01 but I wouldn’t start my plan then just in case. Give yourself a 10 min cushion.

I actually think this is wildly ambitious with a 4yo and I would put in some breaks. It’s looks like you’re running from ride to ride and not allowing any time just to explore.


Agree with all of the above - Your plan needs to start no earlier than 8:15am, probably 8:30am if you want ALL those photos on Main Street. Plus, You really need to add in a few breaks. At some point someone is going to need to pee, get a drink or get distracted.

Also, it looks like you haven’t given yourself enough time to get a spot before the parade. Character meals easily take 70+ minutes. (Especially at CP - where the restaurant is so large and the characters have a bigger rotation to get through.)

It took me a couple trips using TP, with my plans looking similar to yours, with no breaks before I realized it doesn’t work in real life

A guide I’ve used is - For every 90 mins of planning I but in at least a 15 minute break. (often 20 mins)

I know that, for some, this may seem jarring - like you are wasting time. However, “real life” will happen. It’s better to have these buffers and not need them. It’s easier to be ahead in your schedule than getting behind and having it snowball to a point you are off plan - which can be stressful.

With it being a party day the CL should be lower than average and you can still get a lot done. However, even if you don’t add in as many breaks as I would, you are going to have to make some cuts.


We just got back with my DD2 (who is just over 38" tall). We set the walking speed to very relaxed, and a potty break for 10 min after every hour of touring. This gave us some cushion, and we actually got ahead of schedule which allowed character meets we saw along the way, like Gaston. The line for Buzz in tomorrow land gets long, quick. If you were hoping to see him, I would add a meal step for auntie’s or some nearby restaurant and put in the notes to meet buzz, that way touring plans allots for walking and the time of your break. Also, the table service meals can take up to 90 min. I was way over ambitious with my first touring plan. There are some great comments from people here that will help you!


I would wholeheartedly agree with @darkmite2 and @missoverexcited. It seems so frustrating to add in lots of breaks on your TP and then feel like you have to cut out a bunch of stuff but it’ll help your day go a lot smoother if you aren’t rushing. And if anything it’ll help you feel ahead of the plan (like @Jdennis8 mentioned) instead of behind it. It seems crazy that this would effect your mood a bunch while you’re there but it sure does me when I get behind my plans!


I agree, you need more breaks. But if you’re not rushing off to a dinner reservation, you’ve got about 40 minutes to fill at the end of the day (assuming you’d like to be in line for your last ride at 6pm).

I’d give some thought to whether your priority is your lunch reservation or the parade. Seems iffy that you’ll get to enjoy both, unless you’re able to reschedule at Crystal Palace. Skipping the parade means you can take advantage of short lines everywhere else.

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That will not be enough of a cushion to cover those items in my opinion. From my experience of being in WDW with a 3.5 y/o:

(a) just parking the stroller and getting in and out will add a few minutes to each attraction and mess up your TP if that time is not allocated for;

(b) bathroom and snack breaks take a lot more time than you think (finding a bathroom or snack place itself takes time); and

© the photo pass photographers usually have lines of people waiting so even getting photos takes some time.

I don’t think you are allowing enough time to eat at Crystal Palace and then get a good spot for the parade. I would allow 75-90 minutes at Crystal Palace (there may be a wait to be seated even if you have an ADR) and then trying to find a spot for the parade no later than 1:40. Note - When I go next time, I am planning to get DD4 a snack and then find a good parade spot in Frontierland around 1:30 pm (she will eat while we wait).

What time are you eating breakfast? Let’s say you eat at 6:45 am and then head to the park for RD … waiting until 12:45 for lunch seems like way too long for a 4 year old.

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’d rather do it now than have you go in with unrealistic expectations and be disappointed later.

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Thanks for the advice.

When I checked the facebook photopass page, they mention photopass photographers stationed at the entrance of MK. I thought they were stationed outside of the park, so I thought we might be able to get some (not all) of those shots before park opening. If that’s not the case, that’s good to know.

I started out with a few breaks, but found that the TP optimizer would just place them between two attractions far apart, which made it a waste. I’ll try eliminating a few things, keeping the general order, and adding some breaks. The hardest part will be figuring out what to eliminate. First to go is probably Monsters Inc. This is the first of two days in MK, but I wanted to hit things I thought he’d really like on the first day, so he’ll have a chance to do them again on the second day.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try eliminating a few things and inserting a 10 min. break every hour. My biggest concern is the ADR and the parade. We’ll have a second day in MK later in the week, but we have an 11:30am BOG lunch ADR that day, and for some reason, I feel like we really should do the parade the first day we are there.

Thanks for the advice. I agree the ADR followed by the parade is tight. I suppose we could do the parade our second day at MK (later in the week). It just seemed logical to do the parade on the first day we are there. I hate to give up the CP ADR. It’s not an ideal time, but my son got really big into Winnie the Pooh after our ADR window opened up, and its what i could grab for that day. Also, I anticipate my son snacking all day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t eat much at lunch. The food is for the adults and the characters are for him.

There is sometimes one at the train station (inside the taps but not in the park). But most are on Main Street.

Instead of putting breaks, you could try putting a 10 minute meal at a nearby QS so the optimiser knows where you are. That might help.

Set a reservation finder alert for a time a little bit earlier. I’ve had great success with those (although have never tried CP). If it can find you one and you can snag it, that might help you shift things around a bit!

As the prior poster said, set up res finder for an earlier time for the CP ADR. If you don’t get an earlier time, you can always make a decision on the parade while you are at lunch since there is no reservation for the parade. If you are running later or have trouble funding a spot, then just watch the parade on your second MK day when you have an earlier lunch.

Thanks all for the great advice. I’ve updated my touring plan to reflect everyone’s recommendations (based on my currently available ADR). I cut the parade & Monsters Inc, extended my ADR to 90 min., and added 10 min. breaks every hour (by adding a food cart at each break). Does this look more reasonable? I know my last step is after 6pm (park closing), but I’m okay if we don’t get to it.

If you skip your last break (Pinocchio Village Haus), you can get to your final ride on time.

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This looks better. It’s still a jam packed day for a 4 year old, but you can always cut back if he needs a break. Remember – as soon as you check in for Peter Pan for your 3rd FP+, start looking for another FP. I think there is a fair chance you will find one for Winnie the Pooh or Small World … in which case I would grab the FP and move those up in your schedule … and when checking in for the 4th FP ride, start looking for a 5th.

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Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of great advice. My only other suggestion is just to note what is skippable to you. You have a very long, full day planned, so recognize when to call an audible and deviate from the plan. Knowing what you’re okay skipping makes it easier to adjust when the inevitable, unexpected things come up :slight_smile: