How young is too young for Savi’s?

We’re going to Disney in March and I’m trying to decide about Savi’s. My kids will be almost 6 and just-turned 8. On our last trip, two years ago, they both built light sabres at the place in Disney Springs plus they bought the light-up ones, and those were played with to death (literally, they don’t work anymore). I think the oldest would love Savi’s, not sure the youngest would appreciate it as much, but obviously it’s neither or both. Are they too young? Will the sabres be too big/heavy for them? Will it cause me too much stress if they’re smacking each other with a $220 “toy”? Should we just stick with more light-up ones? Thoughts?

For me they are too young for this. These aren’t really toys in the same way that the ones they built at DS are. At least for me. I mean heck DH was showing his off to his brother yesterday and I was cringing as he was demonstrating the sound effects. I may have said, “If you break that I’m not buying you a new one!”

And yeah, they are rather heavy.

I feel like this is more of a 12 and up experience, despite Disney requiring only 5 and up.

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Agree with @OBNurseNH that these are definitely not toys. I took my 10 and almost 9 year old in May and they loved it. I did droid with my 6 and 5 year olds and they are much more in the toy category.

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I have two 13 year olds and a 9 year old. I just can’t see spending over $200 a pop for expensive lightsabers for any of them. I saw adults with them in the parks and they are definitely not toys. There were groups of adults and they were not play fighting with them, but would swing them around to take photos with them.

We did build a droids and that was expensive enough. They used gift cards they received as gifts to purchase them. My kids do play with them.

Adding to the chorus of people who took a 9 year old and loved it. If it’s neither or both though, I think it’d be wise to skip the experience this time.

Thanks, all! We did droids on our last trip and those were a hit but you’ve reinforced my feeling that they’re too young for Savi’s. I’m disappointed, because I’d like to do it! But there’s always next time.