How would YOU work this trip?

Who would like to try your hand at planning an itinerary?
My fave part of the trip is the planning, I think! LOL!

Here are the trip info and requests:
24 Nov - 2 Dec
3 seasoned Disney travelers, Me, DH and DD11
Staying at POP, no rental car
Arrive super early on 24 Nov leave early-ish 2 Dec.
No park day on 2 Dec.

Must do:
EPCOT on the 24th.
MK On the 1st.
(at least) 2 times at EPCOT.
2 times at MK. 1 at AK and 1/2 at HS.
1 day doing 4-parks-1-day challenge.
One evening Spirit of Aloha, watch Water Pageant and Fireworks from Poly
Doing the Afternoon Tea at the GF
One day mostly off from parks.
MVMCP on one of the MK days, or the HS half day, or the no-park day.
We like to rope drop and close MK, not always the same day though.

Anyone up for the challenge? It is kind of like planning Tetris!