How would you tour HS + SWGE?

Due to the unknown surrounding SWGE, I’m a little lost as to how to plan my day and/or my fastpasses, and of course my 60 day window is just before the opening. I’m not much of a SW fan but DH and DS11 are. I have warned DH about EEMH and possibly needing to be there before 6 AM, but so far he’s still onboard.

The touring plan I’ve been playing with has us starting at 6 AM at SWGE, then moving on to TSL with already estimated long waits. TSL is a priority to me, but I fear my “too cool for school” DS11 will not be down with the long waits. TP is suggesting getting FP for times before park opening, and obviously that doesn’t work. Since we’re seeing TSL during EEMH I suppose I should use my Tier 1 for RnRC? (DS11 won’t do ToT). Due to starting so early, a mid-day break is a must, which of course makes my FP scheduling inefficient for maximizing FP, but what can you do? We also have ADR for 50s Prime Time at 6:35 PM.

How are those of you with experience and/or upcoming trips planning your HS days for this fall?

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I will be there on 9/6. Six am get in line for Smugglers Run, then head to TSL for Alien Swirl and Toy Story, possibly Slinky dog followed by a 9:05 Ogas and 10:30 Savis. We see how it works out!

W have a 5:45 Sci Fi ADR. So I plan on napping through a few indoor shows midday.


I would show up for RD for EEMH, and go to SWGE but I would get FPP for a TSL attraction if it were me when available such as SDD. Maybe also get a FPP for a couple of other attractions so you can use your 3 quicker and then grab RnRC for later on. Or you could grab a reservation for Oga’s maybe to assure you can get into SWGE in case they go to a queue system due to crowds. If so, then you could kick off TSL early, then go to SWGE and wait the lines more around your reservation. Just my $.02.

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Oh i forgot I got DH a 10:10 AM Savi’s reservation.

I think what sucks is that you have pretty limited options as to whats open during EMH/EEMH…I would rather FPP something in TSL and do the whole thing later. I hope its not so crazy that we spend that whole 3 hours just in TSL and SWGE, but there’s no way to know right now.

If DH has a Savi’s reservation, that would get two of you into the Land for that without having to wait in any queue, physical or virtual. But the rest of you - probably not.

I guess it depends on what you want to do in SW:GE. I fully anticipate spending three hours without even allowing for Savi’s, the droids or Oga’s! And I’m not a huge SW fan, but do like to look at the details of the theming. But I appreciate not everyone feels the same.

Hoepfully they will very soon, at least by D23 next weekend, announce a virtual queue system. If they do that before your FP day, you could simply plan to arrive during EMH, do TSL and register for the virtual queue as soon as you see it open (if necessary - in other words if SW:GE is full at that time).

At worst, two of you (presumably DH and DS) could get in in time for the reservation. Maybe see if you could book Oga’s for afterwards if it appeals, then at the very worst, you could join them for that (put that one in your name).

And then you could book an FP for either ToT or RnR. Maybe even for just before dinner.

All this depends on them confirming a virtual queue. Which I really hope they do soon. When’s your FP day?

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My travel group is myself & adult DD (not really SW fans), friend who is a huge SW fan & her DD who is DCP and will not know her schedule until about 2 weeks before we arrive in Oct. Friend has a shorter trip because of work so we needed to work around her days & MNSSHP.
Our DHS morning we plan to do SWGE from 6-7 am & hopefully that gets us to Smuggler’s Run at least. Ideally we’d like to hit TSL for SDD then hit as many Tier 1’s as we can during EMH. We have a 9am FP for TSM & Star Tours at 10. We then have Oga’s ADRs (staggered, but hope to modify to one time) around 1:30. We then plan to PH to Epcot afterwards (which is a Saturday during F&W and the first weekend showing of Epcot Forever - ugh) I’m tired just thinking about it. I may have to bow out and nap before Epcot.

We are going mid September. I have penciled in 2-3 mornings to do the 6am EEMH at HS. I’m hoping we will get into SWGE on the first of those days (CL estimate is 2) and ride Smugglers. If we can ride any other rides before the waits get too long, we will but otherwise, we’ll just leave after we finish SW. Depending on how it goes the first day, we will go again at 6am and probably RD Tot and RnRC and maybe leave after that . I got an ADR for Oga’s at 8:15pm and a FPP for SDD at 8:45pm, so we’ll go back that night. We’re staying at BWV so we are close and can walk. I’ll be anxiously awaiting trip reports from those that are there in early September. We liners don’t like the unknown but we just have to roll with it until we get more info!

My FP day is 27AUG.

I’ll gladly roam around SWGE and ride Smuggler’s run, I’m sure they’re great, I just won’t be that upset if we didn’t spend much time there if the crowds are awful. I have been unable to get an Oga’s res thus far…I’ve been checking a few times daily since I got the news (which was late), but not constantly. My sister and nephew will be on this trip with us so in total we’ll be a party of 5. I don’t know if maybe that’s the reason I’m having trouble finding a reservation. Nephew is not a SW fan, so the three of us could probably split up from DH and DS if need be.

More than anything I just want to maximize time and see/ride as much as possible, so just being unsure of how SWGE is going to run is making me crazy!

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I only got the Oga’s ADR as a fluke on the second day of availability when they (apparently) dropped a bunch more. I could totally see skipping it especially if the reviews are not great. As we get more info and people’s plans solidify, I bet some will drop their ADRs.

Our Olga and Build a Droid reservations for for 5:00 and 6:00 on a CL 5 day in September. So we’re going to go early, do Rock n Roller Coaster and knock out Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania by 7:15 or so and then just go stroll through SWGE. If Millennium Falcon is at 45 min to an hour around 7:30, we’ll do that and then just see what we want to see for an hour or two.

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I’m also afraid to not book a FP for SDD, and then be unable to ride it during EEMH for whatever reason, and then unable to catch a FP at all later. So I think unless we learn something new between now and FP day, I’ll have to use it for my tier one just in case. Two rides on SDD are surely better than none right?