How would you spend $200

If you had $200 available to spend, in total, for a family of 3 during your 7 night WDW stay, how would you spend it?

We already have 2 dinners and 2 lunches exploring F&W as well as the following ADRs/special events:
Hollywood Brown Derby
Terralina Crafted Italian
Plaza Restaurant (breakfast)
Tusker House (brunch)

I think I would go with the HEA fireworks dessert party!


I would either do the Plaza Garden Dessert Party for HEA or EMM at MK or HS. Since we’ve already done the Dessert Party though, I would lean toward EMM.

The VOID at Disney Springs.

ROL dessert party!! Much better food than HEA.

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EMM is not offered during our trip thanks to SWGE.

DD is only 8 years old. How strict are they will age? How long does the experience take? I’m not sure I could do the VR - I get terrible motion sickness. But I could send DH.

Horseback rides at Fort Wilderness

I have no idea the answers to your questions because I’ve never done it. Which is why I would choose it! :wink:

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They’re not strict with age at all as long as the kid hits the height limit of 48”. The gear is really heavy though.

They tell you to allot 45 mins. Of that, only about 10 mins is the actual VR.

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I’d probably go with Memory Maker, and then use the extra $30 to put together a photo book after the trip.

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I would put it back in my pocket and be a head of the game.


We get a $200 gift card with our booking in the UK and it would never occur to me to use it for an upcharge event. I use it for souvenirs.

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I considered that, but we’re really trying to be minimalist. And, we’re ONLY taking underseat carryons for this trip.

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Oh I wasn’t criticising. It had genuinely just not occurred to me that we could have done DAH or EMM! We are never minimalist. We hardly ever go so we treat ourselves when we do, but only to souvenirs!

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Dessert party would be my choice.

I would get silhouettes in MK

We essentially chose MNSSHP over a couple of Table Service meals.

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Has anyone done the Behind the Seeds tour?

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Im planning on it next trip LwtL is one of my all time favs. Its relatively inexpensive too.