How would you prioritize FPP booking for these days?

I’d love to hear thoughts on scheduling these FPP and what you all would prioritize?
Note: The MK 60+1 BTTM is the last day BTTM is open for a while. It’s closing the next day. Would you get that ahead of getting FOP at 60+8 in the evening?

Park: Magic Kingdom
FastPass+ Selections:
10:15 AM at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
12:15 PM at Splash Mountain
1:15 PM at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Park: Epcot
FastPass+ Selections:
10:30 AM at Journey Into Imagination With Figment
11:30 AM at Test Track
12:30 PM at Spaceship Earth

Park: Epcot
FastPass+ Selections:
3:45 PM at Frozen Ever After
(Considering scheduling 2 FPs for the morning that I won’t be using, so that maybe I can grab Epcot Forever if it’s available. I’ve read this strategy sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work if I don’t tap in, but we’re only planning on afternoon WS this day)

Park: Magic Kingdom
FastPass+ Selections:
11:00 AM at The Haunted Mansion
12:00 PM at Pirates of the Caribbean
1:00 PM at Jungle Cruise

Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom
FastPass+ Selections:
4:00 PM at Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
6:00 PM at Kilimanjaro Safaris
7:00 PM at Avatar Flight of Passage

Yes, I would try for BTMM first of all and take what you can get.

FoP at 60+8 should be easy to get.

When is your trip? Spaceship Earth will be closing soon. Speculation is they’re waiting until TT re-opens and then they’ll close SSE. Book it if you can, but don’t be surprised if they change it nearer the time.

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Since you’ve got +8 for FoP, I would go for BTMRR first since its a specific time you want and to guarantee you’re set with the closure. Honestly, with those kinds of lead times, I dont think you are going to have any trouble getting the times you want.

I’d do:
BTMRR (60+1)
TT (60+2)
rest of MK (60+1)
rest of Epcot (60+2)
AK (60 +8)
EP (60+6)
MK (60+7)

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Do you think its a waste to book a FP for April for Spaceship Earth then? I heard they are still booking, but hate to just have it cancelled.

We’ll be there the first week in May.
I did read something about the pending closure…I hope it’s after we go, but we’ll see. I’ll still book the FP. TBH, it’s the last thing we’re doing in the park that day before heading back to the hotel for pool time so even if we don’t use it, I don’t think there’s anything else on my TP that day that I need it for…

Thank you! I appreciate the list! I felt like that MAY be the case about trying to get BTMM first, but definitely needed some reassurance.

Check out this site a day or two before your FP day to see if anything crazy is happening, and if you need to change your approach. I’d be pretty confident if I were you, you don’t have many of the rides that go first (7DMT, PP, MFSR, SDD, etc) and your FOP is so far out and you want an evening time.

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LOL! I already have this bookmarked and do peek at it to try and get a feel! :slight_smile:

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I can’t remember when TT is due to re-open.

And to be honest, it isn’t clear how much of the planned changes to SSE, beyond the ride itself, are going to happen. So no one is sure when it’ll close.

But I don’t see you’re losing anything by getting an FP for it. You can always change whatever you’re given for another tier2.