How would you plan your hoppers?

5 days in the parks. Staying at Polynesian. I really wanted to do two days at Epcot because I feel like the one we’ve spent the last two trips wasn’t enough. Always 2 at MK as well. So I’m guessing that leaves a half day at HS and half day at AK.

How would you plan this? We go in August, so I should think Rivers of Light will be playing at that point. Definitely want to see Wishes from MK at least one of the nights. If a Star Wars fireworks show is happening, I’d love to see that too.

HOW do we do this? ha ha! My head hurts trying to plan it! Also, my husband and I plan on a drink around the world night at Epcot while our daughter is at Lilo’s Playhouse. I guess we could always forget the Epcot outing and make that a monorail crawl so we don’t use up a park ticket. Yeah, something is gonna have to give!

Help!! Thanks :slight_smile:

The benefit of hopper from Poly is easy access to MK for evenings. Not sure if you take afternoon breaks. Could also drink around the world at Epcot and leave daughter at Sandcastle Club at YC/BC then travel back together.
For me, instead of planning 2 full EP days and 2 full MK days, I would probably plan for:

  1. 1 full day EP (EP FPPs)
  2. 1 am HS/take boat to EP for afternoon/evening. Alternative: am HS, mid-day break, evening EP (HS FPPs)
  3. 1 am AK, afternoon pool, then late afternoon/evening MK (MK FPPs)
  4. 1 RD am at MK (MK FPPs)
  5. Reruns of whatever you want then end with MK afternoon/evening.

Thanks so much!!

yes, thanks for thinking about the afternoon breaks- that will be a must in August!
And you reminded me that being at HS in the morning is VERY important to us, as we want to meet the Star Wars characters.

You are probably right- 2 full days might not be needed in Epcot so the hopper is really helpful in that respect.

It’s just the fact that they added Rivers of Light this year to AK!! I loved the idea of just doing AK in the morning but now they are making things so much more confusing!!

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I would start by planning what night time show you want to see. I assume Rivers of Light will be a must do? What do you want to focus on at EP? In August there will be the new Soarin, Frozen Ride and Anna and Elsa meet and greet. Will you want to do any of those?

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Great idea!
Epcot: new Frozen ride and M&G, new Soarin’,Test Track, we could probably live without Illuminations but that might just be my husband and I on our date night. Maybe we just need a full day and just a night for the two of us.
AK: Rivers of Light, might as well do the night safari too, Nemo show since we missed it last time
MK: wishes, light parade
HS: jedi training, launch bay (or whatever character meet and greet they have)

Thanks a ton!


Just keep an eye on Star Wars fireworks- they may actually stop them- but just in case!

Yeah I wish I knew what to expect with fireworks at HS this summer!

So these are the ideas I’m throwing around, based on crowd levels during our week:

Tues - Chef Mickey breakfast, MK (we could think about hopping to Epcot for our date night for EMH but not sure it’s worth it)
Wed - full day Epcot, (hop to HS for fireworks?)
Thurs - HS AM for jedi training/Launch Bay, AK PM rivers of light, night safari
Friday - maybe AK in the AM, then Epcot?
Saturday - MK full day