How would you get from UO to Epcot for a day? and then to DS?

We are spending 6 days at WDW then moving on to UO… but that Saturday I’ve planned a ‘free choice’ day for everyone to do what they like. My plan is to do the Universal Volcano water park during its early morning hour, then go to Epcot for the afternoon. (I booked 8-day tickets rather than 6-day tickets since the cost difference is so small, so we will still have an available park day.) Assuming my DH takes the car to go to NASA, what would be the best way for me to get there? Lyft/Uber or are there shuttles? Is there a good way to get from Epcot to DS at the end, or should that be a MinnieVan?

Lyft is probably your best bet to get from Volcano Bay to Epcot.

There is a bus available from Epcot to Disney Springs at the end of the night.

Are you headed to DS because you have plans there, or because you’re expecting to be picked up there when your DH gets back from KSC? If the latter, you can have him do pickup at Epcot; there’s a pickup lane. He just needs to ask about it at the parking gate (presuming there are still attendants) or watch for signs.

I would suggest Lyft as well. There aren’t shuttles from UOR to WDW. Plus, you can find Lyft promo codes by signing up/email alerts/internet search to cut some of the cost. Mears Taxi would be last resort as they are expensive. Depending on where you are in EPCOT when you are ready to leave, you can walk out the International Gateway to either BW or BC and catch a bus to DS.

Thanks very much!

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