How would this work?

I am hatching a potential visit that could be great. It would include myself, my mom (who has chronic back pain so would use ECV but can walk onto rides etc), DD7, and maybe my 9 year old niece. DD doesn’t love all of the rides but may want to try some of the coasters. My niece (now known as DN) loves all of the thrill rides. My mom may or may not be able to ride them. So what happens if DD and DN want to ride something like SM that I don’t think my mom would be up for? I could get FP for all three but can I be the only adult with the two kids? What about 2 seater rides (trying to remember what they would be, I think BTMR?). I rode rides a bit with my two sons last fall by my oldest was taller than me (it doesn’t take much) so no height restrictions.

If you can be their caretaker by yourself for a while, sure. That’s up to you.

As far as getting them on the ride, they will be accompanied by an adult, so that’s fine; as long as they meet the height requirement, you should be good to go.

So as long as they meet the height requirement then they can obviously go on the ride but then even sit by themselves? I guess that may be also up to what the child is comfortable with. I think my brave DN would be up for it all! Can the two girls sit together if I am on the ride with them? My mom can be with DD if she is not wanting to ride so I am not worried about that end.

I’m pretty sure older than age 7 can ride alone so it shouldn’t be a problem at all but anyone 7 and under needs someone 14 or older to actually ride with them.

I wouldn’t be comfortable sending my 7 or 9 year old through a queue alone but last trip my 16 year old took my 8 and 6 year olds on Buzz and the 8 year old rode in her own car–they could have all fit together but then not all would have had a laser.

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Ok that is the piece of info I needed. They would always have me with them but now I know that if the ride didn’t allow all three of us to sit together then we can have one of us sit alone (likely will be me one row behind!).

SM is one-across; 6 rows front to back. They will be “sitting by themselves” no matter how many are with you.

BTMR is dependent upon hip-space; I’ve seen them do 3 across in a single row sometimes, otherwise the CM doing grouping will put you 2 in 1 row, 1 in the next. If there’s a specific need for a specific configuration, they’ll tell you. Otherwise, it’ll be up to you, and you can as easily put the 2 girls together as put the more adventurous by herself.

Ok lots of ways this could work! I am getting excited that maybe this girls only trip could happen!

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There are quite a few rides where three people can fit (especially if two of them are small). One exception is Splash Mountain, but you would be in the same log. Seven Dwarfs is like BTMR, and Everest is two seats but there’s often a single-rider line so whoever is “alone” will most likely get a partner anyway.

You could totally make this work!

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If your not comfortable with one of the kids sitting with a stranger you can let the CM know and they will make it happen.

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