How Will Extended evening hours and Christmas Parties impact crowds?

Hi y’all. Do you think the extended evening hours will impact crowds for that park in general for that day? We are planning on going to a park that has extended evening hours but curious how that could affect park hours for the entire day.

How do you feel Christmas parties will impact MK once party guests are allowed in at 7pm? Thanks!!

I had similar questions. In the end, I decided to change our MK days to avoid the party days. I think it will be crazy crowded for the fireworks show and trying to exit. I didnt worry too much about the deluxe extra hours. Not sure how much of an impact that will be. Hopefully just after 2, when people can park hop.

Thanks. When we are there, there are 4 parties and extended hours another night. So many things to think about when trying to plan out which parks to go to on which days haha.