How will EMM Fantasyland affect touring plan?

They just confirmed that there is EMM on our only MK day. March park hours are 9-10. We have BOG at 8:10. (Not breakfast people but wanted to see it, get in park before opening, and love cupcakes!). Does it make sense to try for 7DMT from BOG or FP it later and head over to Peter Pan, Splash or Big Thunder Mountain? This is our first “big kid” trip plan is to go early, leave from 11:30-4:30ish and stay late. Any help appreciated!

It won’t affect things at all.

Although they are expanding EMM to include Tomorrowland, so there will be more people, most people will already have ridden 7dmt.

And you will still get ahead of the rope drop crowd as long as you are finished at BOG and waiting at the holding point by 8:55am.


I agree with this line of thinking. Plus EMM is limited - I heard recently 200 guests? Not sure the accuracy or where the individual that proposed the # got the information - and 7D can handle 1300-1600 guests per hour. So given that, even if all 200 people were in line ahead of you, your wait would be minimal


Thank you so much!!! As usual overthinking since we are still a ways out!!!

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