How wet is wet at SM and KRR?

It is kinda sorta very hilarious @cbalusek! ducks out quickly:grin:


I totally agree with the above advice but do have another question - how does ponchoing up keep you from getting wet. Yeah, I get the head and shoulders part but it is always my butt that is drenched from sitting in a giant puddle. We can always tell who just got off a river raft ride by the wet butts. :sweat_smile:

If your poncho is long enough you can sit on it and tuck it around your legs to keep your butt dry. That’s what we did last time we went on KRR.


We all got a little wet on KRR. Me and DS the most, but it was hot and felt good!

On SM, I got completely soaked!! I was in the second row and actually had to wring out my dress when I got out of the boat. People getting in on the other side actually gasped, which my dh thought was hilarious…and it was pretty funny. My ponytail was even dripping. My dh was in the back and bone dry.

Both rides are great and we dried quickly. We did do a quick change from keens into flip flops for both. Wet feet are no fun.

That is exactly what happens to me too. My kids don’t want to sit next to me on KRR.

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