How Wet Do You Get?

We’re going to Universal in a couple of weeks, and up until now, my only experience there was in June when it was hot enough that getting wet on one of the many water rides was not a problem. We had a little one with us and accordingly didn’t actually do any of the water rides, but I do recall that people got pretty drenched.

Do they do anything during the cooler months to minimize the amount of water that you encounter? Seems like Splash Mountain at WDW will turn off the extra cannons, etc. when it’s cold so all you’re dealing with is the water from the drops themselves. So they do anything similar at Universal?

Looks like Bluto’s will be down while we’re there, as an aside.

Dudley Do-Right is definitely wetter than Splash (I rode it in Jan a couple of years ago). I didn’t get too wet, but one of the other guys in our log was soaked from the waist down. You’ll get splashed on JP, but it’s not a “soaker”. Can’t comment on Bluto in the winter - did it once in the summer and didn’t want to “risk” it at night in Jan (NYE).

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Can’t agree I got soaked on JP thank goodness I had a poncho on. It worked well