How very implusive of me




I was just able to score BOG lunch on my departure day! What a spectacular end to this splurge of a trip!

Any solo liners in MK on the 18th? Reservation is for 2…


I STILL have not updated the liner app because I don’t want to mess with one of my favorite daily activities.

Congrats on the upcoming trip!

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Update: I really want to rope drop HS to knock out the few rides I want to go on and have lunch at Docking Bay 7 so I moved my park reservation to Friday. My arrival day park will now be AK! Woot woot! If all goes well I should be there in time to RD Sacred Spaces and spend a few hours with the animals before heading back to WL where hopefully my room will be ready. Afternoon and early evening will be swimming, napping, and hopefully Geyser Pointing before late dinner at Cali Grill.


That sounds like a great plan!!!

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