How to utilize fast pass with kids that don't meet height requirements

We leave in four weeks for our 1st trip to WDW. My question is how do you fully utilize fast pass options for the entire family when some of them don’t meet height requirements. If I choose a ride for fast pass that gas a height requirement we don’t all meet, I know to only sign up the ones that do meet that height requirement. But then are my smaller kids out of luck for one of their three fast passe since they can’t ride alone and we’ve used one of our up already. Hope that makes sense, kind of hard to explain what I’m asking in writing.

I’m not sure what your options are for booking separate fast passes for different people on one reservation, but I can tell you customer support when I call Disney and ask questions about FP is usually very helpful. FWIW, I have never wanted to book different fast passes for different members of my family, mostly because we just like to stick together rather than divide and conquer, but also because I don’t want to waste one of MY fast passes on some attraction that only my 3 year old could love (that sounds terrible, but there you go.) So when I book a fast pass for a ride my shorties can’t ride, I just find some close-by alternative for them while everyone else rides ( we use rider swap quite a bit). There are frequently play areas or other attractions close by that have no / low wait times. I also try to know as many alternatives to FP for riding height-restricted rides without long wait times, so I don’t have to use as many fast passes on these rides. For example, have a plan to ride early or late in the day, know which ones have single riders lines, etc.

Search for strategies on Rider Swap. When you have a child that can’t ride one parent can get a rider swap pass and then ride it using the fast pass line without having an actual fast pass so having children that can’t ride can actually increase your effective number of passes. There are some pretty in depth strategies for maximizing this.

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You could get 2 different FPs, each for half the group. For ex, I got 4 FP for seven dwarves and 4 for meeting Cinderella/Rapunzel. My husband took the older kids on seven dwarves and we got a baby swap so I could ride next. At the same time, I took my daughter, along with grandparents, to meet Cinderella/Rapunzel. Then we swapped and I rode seven dwarves with 2 older kids while the rest of the group went on the carousel. Another set of FPs I got was a split between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder, and we used baby swap for both. My daughter was a bit bored waiting around for her brothers to ride both, but we needed to hold a spot for the parade anyway. There’s also a little play area underneath the railroad station there.

First I’m hearing of this rider swap resource. is this a separate forum or website?

No it’s nothing official but a lot of people have figured out ways to make it work in their favor. I don’t have any particular weblinks but i’m sure there are threads about it here and a google search will probably help you find some more resources.